Did you set a 2024 New Year Resolution? Here are 5 podcasts that will help you achieve it.  

5 Podcasts for Crushing Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you set a 2024 New Year Resolution? Here are 5 podcasts that will help you achieve it.  

The New Year is here! Whether you arrived in 2024 bright-eyed and bushy-tailed or groggy and potentially a little bit hungover, you may have also brought along a little something with you — a New Year’s Resolution. You’re in good company! About 38% of people do. 

As good as your intentions are, the truth is, these resolutions can be pretty hard to keep! I don’t remember if I set one for 2023, but chances are good that I didn’t stick to it. Fear not! There are (of course) podcasts that can help you achieve your resolution. While the podcast won’t go to the gym for you or cook up nutritious meals or finally finish that house renovation, it will help you help yourself. 

Here are five shows that will help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution for 2024. 


Life Kit

NPR’s Life Kit is a show that riffs off of the ever-popular “Life Hack”: Little tips and tricks one can do that make an aspect of life exponentially easier. Essentially, they provide their listeners with a toolkit to help them survive life. They cover a variety of topics, following the idea that “everyone needs a little help being human.” The debut 2024 episode is dedicated to — you guessed it! — helping listeners achieve their resolutions. The topic? Setting SMART goals. 

Get your pen and notebook ready, this is an excellent place to start. 

The Mindset Mentor

Hosted by Rob Dial, The Mindset Mentor is geared toward anyone seeking direction, motivation, and focus. Sound familiar? This show is designed to help you understand how your brain and body work together so that you can become your best self in quick episodes. So, what did Rob focus on for the first episode of 2024? Consequences! This is an interesting listen that reminds you that with every “yes” comes a “no.” Kick off your resolution by saying yes to the right things. 

How to ______

Adding one building block at a time, How To ______ from the Atlantic has featured a number of sentence enders to that title. How to Build a Happy Life, How to Start Over, How to Talk to People, and most recently, How to Keep Time. One life-building block at a time, the show will help you explore life’s “why’s” and make fundamental changes. Their first episode for 2024 is all about rest. Need one after the holidays? Yeah, me too. Check it out: 

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll focuses on delivering big interviews with thought-leaders from around the world and in various disciplines. While long, his show helps you dig deep and aims at educating and inspiring listeners to unleash their best selves. For 2024, he starts off by challenging listeners to a free, 12-week, habit-building protocol with Simon Hill to level up your well-being. Ready to build better habits that will help you reach your resolution? Find it here: 

Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Who doesn’t want to be just a little bit happier every day? That’s what the Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris is all about. He knows that happiness, like biceps, is something you can train, and he’ll give listeners various tools to do it. He kicks off 2024 with an episode about setting and achieving New Year’s Resolutions with behavioural psychologist, Hal Hershfield. 

Again, these shows will not do your chores, push-ups, or get you out of bed, but they may just help you make the small changes in your life that will let you put that “competed” checkmark in the box beside your resolution come 2025. We believe in you!

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