5 Things I Learned Starting a Branded Podcast Company

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already! 

As a business owner, the main thing I’ve learned is that being an entrepreneur in a young company with lofty goals is not easy; it takes teamwork and great communication. And no matter how much you do, there is always more to do. But it’s a tonne of fun and I’m so glad we made the decision to launch the company!

As JAR Audio’s Chief Creative Officer, I have also learned a few specific lessons about telling stories with brands, and I thought there would be no better day than today to share my learnings. 

Nobody likes a blowhard:

Audiences don’t like it when brands make podcasts that just talk about how great they are. Nobody wants to listen to that. It’s like going on a date with someone who won’t stop talking about themselves.


Brand qualities should drive the story:

By paying close attention to a brand’s values and qualities, you can open up a wide range of storytelling possibilities. 

  • Are they a helpful brand?
  • Are they innovative? 
  • Are they accessible, or elite? 

These qualities are like signposts, pointing at the type of story the brand should be telling.  


To everything, there is a season:

A time to build consensus, a time to lead. 

I’ve really come to understand what it means to be “the experts in storytelling,” and I encourage our creative teams to lean into that role as much as possible. 

We’re there for a reason. 

People will respect you more if you deliver on this promise.


Safeguard the audience:

This is the best way to ensure consistent, organic audience growth. 

  • Talk to your listeners, don’t talk down to them. 
  • Meet them on the platforms they already inhabit. 
  • Check-in with them throughout the episode, and throughout the season of the show, to ensure their needs are being met by the content you have on offer. 
  • Understand where the brand’s goals end and the audience’s goals begin.


Brands belong in podcasting:

I’ve learned that brands have a role to play when it comes to social discourse. 

Good brands stand for something. 

They employ thousands of people and touch thousands (sometimes millions) of lives. 

Brands have the opportunity – even the responsibility – to facilitate deeper conversations that help build a better world, without trying to dominate those same conversations. 

Brands should be secure enough in themselves to take more of a “backseat” and let others, whom they admire, shine. 

They should get comfortable with dissenting opinions and dialogue. 

This is the heart of what makes a good podcast. 

If brands can develop the self-confidence to have more honest conversations, they can earn the respect and trust of the audience, which in turn is very valuable from a brand perspective.  

Here’s to another 5 years. Thank you to all of our incredible teammates, clients, partners, vendors, friends, and family. We could not do what we do without you and we truly appreciate your support. 

Happy podcasting!

Jen Moss

Jen is Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of JAR Audio

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