Inspired Audio Storytelling.
Impactful Business Results.

Inspired Audio Storytelling.
Impactful Business Results.


Increase Revenue

Build Affinity

Engage with Your Audience

Provide Brand Lift

Increase Awareness

Drive Conversions


Position Your Brand

Educate Your Audience

Elevate Thought Leadership

Improve Internal Comms

Hi! We're JAR Audio

JAR is a marketing agency that uses original podcasts to help you move the needle.

We're Storytellers

JAR Audio is a full-service podcast agency. We make compelling award-winning shows that outperform the competition. By collaborating with brands we create impactful audio and video podcasts, attracting loyal audiences. Our tailored creative team of writers, journalists and sound designers work with you to make a show that keeps your audience coming back for more.

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We drive business

Telling great stories is just the beginning. At JAR we understand the need for ROI. Our efficient team helps unlock the business potential of your podcast. Audience growth specialists make sure your show gets into the right ears, cross-promoted in the right places, and spread far and wide. We don’t just create content; we live at the intersection of captivating storytelling and impactful results.

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Measurable Engagement & Success for the World’s Top Brands

Don’t just take our word for it

JAR Audio’s clients are thrilled with the agency’s ability to effectively solve their business problems with impactful podcasts.

Our Podcasts

“Full-service” means just that.

Our playbook for solving business problems with podcasts.

Step 1 Prepare

STEP 1. Prepare

JAR bespoke strategy workshop to kick off our collaboration together

We get to know you through 4 Remote or In-Person Workshop Sessions | Stakeholder Listening Sessions | Identify the Business Challenges & Opportunities | Identity the Target Audience | Desired Outcomes | Value Proposition | Brainstorm Episode Ideas | Audience Growth Exploration


Step 2 Plan

STEP 2. Plan

JAR program development process to meet your business challenges with targeted form and content your audience will love 

Final Show Plan | Go-To-Market & Audience Growth Strategy Document | Production Timeline | Show Concept | Audience Growth Strategy


Step 3 Pre-Production

STEP 3. Pre-Production

Putting the plans in place to structure the program as smartly and efficiently as possible 

Topic Research / Finding powerful stories that map to the desired end goal of the episode / 5-Star Guest Experience / On-Brand Guest Strategy / Guest Chasing / Guest Booking / Guest Audio Check and Equipment Delivery/Setup / Pre-Interviews / Host Question Lines / Scripting / Voice Talent Search / Host Contracting / Guest Waivers


Step 4 Production

STEP 4. Production

World-class production process led by our team of Project Leads, Producers, and Editors Weekly

Client Collaboration Sessions | Remote and On-Site Recording | Video Capture | Client Involvement in Recording Sessions | Narration | Pickups | Show Artwork Design

Step 5 Post-Production

STEP 5. Post-Production

Crafting of the episodes with the goal of wowing your audience and getting the longest listen-length so your brand gets maximum ROI

3 Rounds of Revisions for Your Approval (Paper, Rough, Fine) | Video Edit | WAV + MP3 Files | MOV Files | Transcript | Episode Titles | Episode Description | Metadata

Step 6 Publish

STEP 6. Push

Formatting the online hosting environment and publishing to ensure your audience can access your podcast and has a phenomenal listening experience

Setting Up Host Server | Connecting to Top Podcast Directories | Connection to Audience Measurement Stack | Quality Control | Distribution of Podcast Episodes

Step 7 Promote

STEP 7. Promote

The JAR team uncovers the secret powers of your organization and leverages that power to grow your audience, as well as executing your bespoke marketing strategy to launch the podcast and sustain audience growth. 

Graphic Design | Copywriting | Content Strategy | Landing Page Consultation | Cross-Promotion | Podcast Directory Pitching | Leveraging Owned Channels | Media Buying | Creative Execution 

Step 8 Pull

STEP 8. Pull

JAR’s Audience Growth team analyzes and interprets the episode and audience data so that you can understand how the podcast is helping your brand grow.

Custom Analytics Reports | Weekly Analysis | Brand Lift Studies | Audience Surveys | Conversion Tracking | Media Buy Performance | Social Listening


Unlock your business opportunities

We understand that every brand has unique business challenges and opportunties when it comes to connecting with their audience. We offer full-service podcast solutions to help companies in a range of industries solve their brand problems. From tech startups, to non-profits, to established retail giants, we work closely with our clients to create podcasts that are not only engaging and entertaining, but also impactful and measurable.