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Effective B2B Podcast Naming Strategies: Key to Standing Out in a Crowded Market


Effective B2B Podcast Naming Strategies: Key to Standing Out in a Crowded Market

B2B podcast naming strategies are a branding exercise unto itself. It is a complicated equation of inspiration, communication, competitive research, asset availability, and a little dash of gut feeling. Naming your podcast is undeniably one of the most important decisions you will make for your show.

The priority of finding a perfect podcast name is why we at JAR Audio have dedicated workflows to land on something that checks all these boxes. Like with any branding exercise, there’s a lot of legwork that needs to be done beforehand. The right strategy and preparation will help ensure that when the name does come, you’re in the right place to see it and embrace it for the effective, brand and marketing cornerstone it is. Today, we’ll give you a glimpse at our workflow and dive into the age-old question: What’s in a name? 

First… The Concept

The most important thing about coming up with a name is that you actually need to know what your concept is. Here are six fundamental questions you need to ask your team when establishing your podcast concept: 

  1. Why this podcast
  2. Why this podcast RIGHT NOW?
  3. Who is this podcast for? 
  4. What need does your podcast serve
  5. What conversation is your brand trying to weigh into as a thought leader?
  6. What conversation is your brand qualified to add to?

Once these questions are thoroughly answered, you can finally move onto the fun part — The creative side!!

Marketers brainstorming B2B podcast names in a workshop setting.

Naming Your Podcast 

Here’s an important tidbit that might seem obvious, but needs to be said: The title of your podcast is the first opportunity you have to reach your audience and communicate what the show is about. That’s why you should be thinking carefully and clearly about what you want to say. After all, it could be as short as just one word to make an impact. 

There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing your name (according to our very own CCO, Jen Moss):

1. The SEO POV

When you’re thinking about your title in terms of SEO, you’re wanting to let your audience know exactly what to expect just by reading the name. It contains answers for your audience. Jen’s example is, “Understanding Knitting.” 

2. The Emotional POV

The emotional vein of titling a podcast relies on piquing your audience’s interest and curiosity by leaving breadcrumbs that suggest an emotional context. You want them to feel a connection with the show. To add to our running example, an emotion-based title could be something along the lines of, “Wool vs. Anxiety.” 

There are pros and cons to each, and it really depends on your brand and the goals you have for your show. The SEO-style of naming your podcast makes the podcast easily identifiable and discoverable. It gets to the point. On the other hand, an emotional-style name has more of a chance to stand out to your target audience and make an impression on the podcast world. 

Speaking of that crowded podcasting world, some constraints come with naming a show. If you think you have a winner, check for the following:

  • Own-ability
  • Competition
  • Trends
  • Availability of assets
  • URLs

A failure to clear any of these aspects might mean you need to get back to the drawing board and try, try again. 

The selection process in B2B podcast naming, shown through a notepad.

Let’s Get Creative!

podcast artwork

Congratulations! You’re at the fun part! Now you can dive into items like which industry you’ll function in, the tone of your podcast, and who you want to be the face (er… voice) of your show! The podcast format is another important piece of the puzzle, and you can discover some of your options in our blog post here

As you can see, a name really isn’t just a name. It’s your brand, your concept, the first thing your audience learns about you, and a key driver to start building your audience. Be purposeful with this piece of your branded podcast. That’s not to say the perfect name can’t come bolting from the sky in a shock of electric delight, but hey… With the right groundwork, you’re ensuring your strategy and preparation can help hone that inspiration, landing you with an exceptional podcast name.

Looking for a fun listen to drive these points home? Check out episode one of the JAR Audio Podcast, How to Get Ahead in Podcasting. You can find it here

5 Key Takeaways on B2B Podcast Naming Strategies

  1. Understand Your Concept: Grasping the core idea of your podcast is essential before you can effectively name it. This ensures the title reflects your podcast’s purpose and target audience.
  2. Align with SEO Principles: Incorporate SEO strategies in your podcast name to improve discoverability and relevance for your intended audience.
  3. Balance Emotional Appeal: A name with an emotional appeal can enhance connection and recall among listeners, making your podcast stand out in a crowded market.
  4. Check for Constraints: Before finalizing a name, ensure it is unique and feasible by checking trademark availability, domain name availability, and competitive distinctiveness.
  5. Be Creative and Strategic: Employ creativity in your naming process, but also keep it strategic to ensure the name aligns with your brand’s message and goals.

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