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B2B Podcasting: How to Create Engaging and Strategic Content


Why B2B Podcasting is Essential for Modern Business

At JAR Audio, much of our focus is on crafting podcasts tailored for the B2B landscape. These podcasts serve a dual purpose: they are both a tool for engagement and a medium for strategic communication, differing significantly from broader, purely consumer-focused podcast content. B2B is one of the noisiest podcasting arenas out there – and it’s growing. So how do you make a B2B podcast that truly earns its place?

Strategic Engagement through B2B Podcasting

Many successful branded podcasts are aimed at consumers and function primarily as “top of funnel” content. They’re crafted not to showcase the brand directly but to engage through compelling content that naturally draws attention to the brand, creating a “halo effect” around it.

A B2B podcast can do all this but is also positioned to delve a bit deeper, looking more closely at the specifics of a particular process or industry, aligning with the brand’s services, and guiding listeners subtly (never overtly) toward a call to action, like a sale or conversion. The best B2B podcasts manage to both entertain and inform, striking a balance between practicality and engagement.

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Crafting the Right Message

B2B podcasts should provide a mix of insight, education, and entertainment, targeted specifically at professionals who may eventually influence purchasing decisions or be able to engage with a brand’s mission in some way. This approach not only showcases a brand’s commitment to its own industry but also positions it as a central figure in a network of interconnected businesses. This makes B2B podcasts an essential part of content marketing.

To resonate without coming off as “too salesy,” B2B podcasts can adopt formats ranging from sincere interviews that tackle tough questions to creative ventures into scripted fiction. Integrating a documentary-style narrative voice can also enhance engagement, with a host guiding the story and weaving in multiple guest perspectives.

Effective Strategy Development

To excel in B2B podcasting, brands must:

  1. Identify business objectives and audience needs.
  2. Understand where these intersect to tailor content effectively.
  3. Consider the listener’s environment and preferences, such as offering portable content for C-suite executives who listen while commuting or exercising.

Benefits of Creating a B2B Podcast

According to a report by advertising intelligence company MediaRadar, business podcasts saw sizeable growth in ad revenue in 2023, increasing by 30%, as listeners expressed “a higher intent of purchase” after listening to a branded podcast. Organizations with branded podcasts see much higher brand awareness, higher brand consideration, favorability, higher purchasing intent, higher retention of content, and higher engagement.

B2B podcasting allows brands to:

  • Offer industry-specific learning and showcase thought leadership.
  • Unpack in-house solutions or customer case studies.
  • Engage in broader industry conversations.
  • Re-purpose and maximize blog posts, white papers, etc.
  • Entertain and inform prospective partners through innovative storytelling.

Opportunities Through B2B Podcasting

However, the challenge lies in standing out. With an increasing number of B2B podcasts available, differentiation is key, requiring a blend of practical content and creative storytelling. A good “framing device” can help you stand out from the herd – as can various classic storytelling techniques – but B2B podcasters need to be especially vigilant. Don’t fall into the trap of creating a podcast that only repeats what you think your boss wants to hear or parrots whatever initiative the company is pushing right now.

Think bigger. What wider societal conversations is your brand qualified to either facilitate or lead?

Think more helpful: What information or conversation does your target audience need to hear? It might be fairly niche – or it might be a “big picture” conversation. Either way is fine, just be intentional about it.

The Good News: Podcasts Have Better Aim

B2B podcasts can be very precisely targeted. With better analytics and transparency now available, savvy B2B marketers can use podcasts to target specific geographical locales, jobs, ages, genders, industries, companies, and interests. The data gives marketers access to audience profiles and personalized content that is more likely to drive engagement.

When Podcasts Miss the Mark

On the other hand, poorly executed B2B podcasts can easily become too promotional or dense with jargon, alienating listeners. Conversely, overly general content might underwhelm an informed audience. The balance lies in using knowledgeable hosts to maintain a professional yet engaging tone, booking interesting guests, and hiring help to deliver a show that is going to be of interest to your target audience. A show that is well-conceived, well-written, comes out regularly, and is properly promoted in the podcast ecosystem.

Team planning a B2B podcast episode in an office environment.

Innovative Examples of B2B Podcasts

Here are a few examples of B2B shows that are putting a little extra shine on and producing great results:

  • Allianz Trade’s Wheel of Risk: This gameshow-style podcast makes trade credit insurance discussions engaging by incorporating interactive elements, showcasing industry expertise in a fun, game-show inspired format.
  • Gympass’s Murder in HR: A unique take on B2B podcasting, this scripted fiction by a corporate wellness company engages listeners with a narrative that intertwines HR themes with a gripping story, illustrating the power of creative storytelling in a business context.

These are just a few examples of B2B shows that are putting a little extra shine on, and producing great results.

JAR Audio’s Experience in B2B Podcasting

JAR Audio has a proven track record in B2B podcasting with successful collaborations with brands like Amazon, Staffbase, IBM, RBC, Kyndryl, and Allianz. Each project showcases our ability to create engaging, informative, and strategically aligned content that resonates with a professional audience.

For example:

  • Amazon: This is Small Business explores the journey to success for small business owners by diving deep into the pivotal moments they have faced and conquered along the way. The show is delivered through the unique perspective of a curious millennial trying to figure out what it takes to be a successful small business owner today. Episodes feature small business owners and industry experts from all walks of life who offer trends analysis, life lessons, and a different point of view. The show invites SMB’s to dig deep and find the tools they need to start, build, and grow their small business.
    • Winner of Bronze and Listener’s Choice for Best Trailer, as well as a Silver for Business Podcast at 2023 Signal Awards
    • 85% listen-through rate
    • 62% of exposed listeners overall and 73% of exposed SBO/aspiring entrepreneurs the brand’s involvement with the podcast made them feel more favorable towards Amazon (exceeding benchmark of 59%)
    • Charted on Apple Podcasts US:
      • Entrepreneurship #1
      • Business: #2
    • Secured a feature on Apple Podcast directory (New & Noteworthy)
    • Ranked within the top 1% of 7-day & 30-day downloads of all podcasts based on industry averages
    • Targeted BIPOC community and secured numerous earned coverage
    • Our audience was 4.16% more femme-identifying than the average business podcast audience
    • Secured 26 owned channel activations with a total of about 374,175 impressions and 5 earned media mentions
    • Case Study featured at Podcast Movement
  • Staffbase: Communication is hard. Being a communications professional is even harder. So in each episode of Infernal Communication, Staffbase takes a deeper look at the wild little fires communicators have to put out every day. The hosts speak to authors, scientists, and experts to help get some fresh perspectives that will soothe the burn of the industry’s latest communication snafu, and help you think differently about your work and life.
    • Received Bronze for Best Writing at 2023 Signal Awards
    • Winner of Hermes Platinum Award
    • 90% listen-through rate
    • Featured on Apple’s New Shows for Business
  • RBC: Disruptors is an ongoing series hosted by SVP John Stackhouse about reimagining Canada’s economy in a time of unprecedented change. Jam-packed with thought-provoking conversations, it features an all-star stream of guests that are true leaders in Canadian business and innovation.
    • Surpassed 2 million downloads
    • Charted on Apple Podcasts Canada:
      • Entrepreneurship #1
      • Business: #2
    • Hosted by John Stackhouse
    • First page promo on Apple Podcasts and Tunein
    • Nominated for Canadian Podcast Award

Building Brand Awareness and Authority

B2B podcasting is an exceptional tool for building brand awareness and authority while connecting meaningfully with a targeted audience. By embracing innovative formats and creative storytelling, brands can create captivating content that not only informs but entertains, paving new ways to stand out in the digital era.

Start a B2B Podcast

To start a B2B podcast, it’s crucial to:

  1. Define your target audience clearly.
  2. Develop a content strategy that aligns with your business goals and audience needs.
  3. Choose the right podcasting format, whether it’s interviews, panel discussions, or narrative storytelling.
  4. Use high-quality editing software to ensure professional production.
  5. Distribute your podcast on major platforms like Apple Podcasts to reach a wider audience.
  6. Promote your podcast episodes through social media and other marketing channels.
  7. Consistently produce and release quality content to build and retain your audience.

5 Key Takeaways on B2B Podcasting

  1. Enhanced Brand Awareness and Authority: B2B podcasts help build brand awareness and establish authority by providing industry-specific insights and showcasing thought leadership.
  2. Effective Content Marketing Tool: B2B podcasts are a versatile component of content marketing strategies, offering opportunities to repurpose and maximize existing content like blog posts and white papers.
  3. Targeted Audience Engagement: By focusing on a specific target audience, B2B podcasts create meaningful connections and guide listeners toward desired actions, such as conversions or deeper engagement with the brand.
  4. Diverse Format Options: Successful B2B podcasts can take various formats, from interviews and panel discussions to narrative storytelling, allowing brands to choose the best approach for their message and audience.
  5. Data-Driven Personalization: With advanced analytics and transparency, B2B podcasts can be precisely targeted to specific demographics, industries, and interests, resulting in higher engagement and better ROI.

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