Build In-House Podcast Capacity Quickly With JAR’s “6-Episode Branded Podcast Bootcamp”

Build In-House Podcast Capacity Quickly With JAR’s “6-Episode Branded Podcast Bootcamp”

Some marketing, brand, creative and communications teams don’t want a full-service Podcast production company to do all the work. Some organizations that I talk with want to build their own internal capacity to make the Podcast communications channel a permanent part of their brand offering. Some want to build some (but not all) of the capacity internally simply to save money and have greater control over the production process.

To meet these needs, JAR Audio provides a simple and flexible “6-episode Branded Podcast Bootcamp”. We work together with you to launch your first 6-episodes sharing some of the heavy lifting in a supportive environment. Then we hand the reins over to you, either gradually or all at once for your next 6-episodes.  

Building in-house branded podcast production expertise is not hard and takes a short amount of time to learn

Here is the JAR Audio guide to executing your game-changing podcast using our “6-Episode Branded Podcast Bootcamp”:

Step 1: The Team Brainstorm (4-8 Hours): we always begin any Bootcamp with a ½ day to a full-day workshop. Together with your team we help define strategy, podcast format (interview, narrative, dramatic), series story arc and podcast segments. We also brainstorm potential guests and decide on a host. Here we discuss in more detail who will do what.

Step 2: The Work: There are 5 primary roles that any Bootcamp organization could choose to take on: Project Management, Script Writer, Audio Engineer, Editor and Distribution. You can decide to take on some or all of these roles internally. JAR Audio would manage the roles you aren’t interested in and could train you for any of them where you’d like to build internal medium-term capacity.

For roughly the equivalent of 3 weeks of work over a 4-month period you can launch a highest-quality podcast and build the capacity in-house to release future episodes on your own

The specific roles that you agree to take-on using the Bootcamp model is always up for discussion. JAR Audio is happy to provide flexibility to ensure that your organization is learning the skills that you desire. Subsequently you would have the in-house capacity you need to keep producing new episodes. JAR would be there to support you for the roles you do not want to take on, or to simply say “great workout” and wish you the best as you race into future episodes on your own.


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