JAR AUDIO Podcast Evangelism 101: Lesson 1 - How to Teach Aunt Mavis about Podcasting this Xmas

JAR AUDIO Podcast Evangelism 101: Lesson 1 - How to Teach Aunt Mavis about Podcasting this Xmas

Lesson 1 - How to Teach Aunt Mavis about Podcasting this Xmas

We’ve all got them. Those relatives who refuse to listen to podcasts. Maybe they claim to be too old, maybe they claim to be overwhelmed by all the choices, or maybe it’s something as simple as they “never realized” their smartphone came with a free podcasting app already installed. These are amongst the top reasons people cite for being out of the podcast loop, according to a presentation by everyone’s favourite podcast industry researchers, Edison Research, at the 2018 Werkit Women’s Podcasting Festival in New York.

Normally, Edison likes to focus their market research on who IS listening. (More and more women – basically – so bear that in mind if you’re a content producer). But in terms of who ISN’T listening, it does break down along age demographics, though not as exclusively as you might think. The biggest problem, according to Edison, is people’s general sense of intimidation when faced with the technology, and the disorienting array of fabulous podcasts on every imaginable subject. Turns out that podcasts are like holiday eggnog – it’s possible to have too much of a good thing.

So what to do? The challenge is to remove the barriers and obstacles, clarify the tools, and curate the content. In light of this – JAR Audio has compiled a few suggestions to help you send “Aunt Mavis” home after Turkey dinner this Christmas with a smile on her face, and a new affinity for podcasts.

Step 1 - Hold back that second eggnog until you can show Aunt Mavis where the free podcasting app is on her iPhone or Android device, and how to open it. Make her do it herself a couple times, and reward her with an extra splash of rum.

Step 2 – If she’s intimidated by the virtual sea of podcasts out there, introduce Aunt Mavis to a nice podcast curation app, like NPR’s Earbud.FM, or warm her up by listening to CBC Radio’s show Podcast Playlist, which gives a great overview of exciting emerging podcasts. Listen to an episode or two in the kitchen while making cookies.

Step 3 - Instead of “It’s a Wonderful Life” (again), suggest she check out the Christmas Podcast Network, a roundup of great holiday-themed podcasts. 

Step 4 – In the post-turkey, pre-Christmas pudding slump, toss on a podcast for the whole family to enjoy. Crackling firelog (on TV), eggnog, and a nice, cozy true crime drama, something nostalgic – like Season 1 of Serial, or In the Dark.

Step 5 – If Aunt Mavis thinks podcasting is a sinful waste of time, point out that it’s a “hands free activity.” She can knit and listen, while learning something practical from the Stuff You Should Know podcast.

Step 6 - When she starts moaning about how she’s dreading her January Visa bill, point out that most podcasts, in fact, are “FOR FREE.”

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