The 6-day Podcast “Capacity Commitment”

The 6-day Podcast “Capacity Commitment”

The number one concern I hear when I talk with Brand, Marketing and Creative Directors each day about branded podcasts is capacity.  Everyone understands the intimate, sonic, “voice-in-the-head” power of this fast-growing comms channel. We all agree that having stadiums of people who engage with your stories for 80-90% of 20-30 minutes on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis builds a remarkable long-term asset. But not everyone believes they have the capacity to do so. 

It seems that most brand professionals I talk with are under-resourced and under the gun.

We have good news for you.

You already have the capacity you need to launch a remarkable branded podcast

Here is the JAR Audio guide to executing your game-changing podcast in the equivalent of 6 working days:

Step 1: Full-Service. Find a trusted podcast production partner who offers 100% turn-key services to limit the amount of time required on your end. (Or if limited HR capacity isn’t an issue and instead of turn-key you’d prefer to build your own in-house podcast capacity quickly then join our 6-episode Private Bootcamp and you’ll be up and running on your own in no time).

Step 2: The Team Brainstorm (8 Hours): we always begin any assignment with a ½ day or full-day workshop. Together with your team we help define strategy, podcast format (interview, narrative, dramatic), series story arc, podcast segments. We also brainstorm potential guests and decide on a host.

Step 3: Internal Liaison (2 Hours per week x 4 months = 32 Hours): Choose someone internally to be a liaison on an ongoing basis who is senior enough to grant JAR Audio guest contact information and make introductions. It would help if this person worked in marketing (branding/messaging, on social media or communications/storytelling). JAR would want to connect with this person for 2 hours per week in the beginning. This tapers off quickly after the first 8 weeks as the podcast progresses. 

Meanwhile behind the scenes JAR Audio proceeds on its own to:

  1. Project Manage the podcast production

  2. Write the episode scripts/question line, confirmed by client

  3. Record the individual segments with host and guests

  4. Edit the podcast episodes, sent to client for one round of changes. Re-edited if required.

Step 4: Approvals [2 hours per episode x 6 episodes = 12 Hours] - Choose a person to vet and approve the episodes to make sure they are “on point” and match organizational tone and audience goals appropriately. It typically takes 2 months to produce and launch the first 3 episodes, followed by an additional episode every 2 weeks. This amounts to 12 hours over 4.5 months. 

5. Lastly JAR Audio uploads and hosts the podcast episodes on our server using software which pushes the segments to podcatchers (Apple, Spotify etc.). JAR then provides access to weekly listener analytics to you. 

For the equivalent of 6 days of work over 3-4 months you can launch a high-quality podcast 

For the equivalent of 52 hours, or roughly the equivalent of 6 full-days of work, your team together with JAR would plan, execute and launch a highest quality podcast, without any previous podcast experience. 

Now breathe ;)

If you are interested in a conversation about Branded Podcasting, our 6-day “Capacity Commitment” or have questions about our rates, please contact me below:

Paul Stewart

Director of Outreach, JAR Audio

Chat Now:

Phone: 604.551.7918


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Is Your Brand Ready for a Podcast?

Is Your Brand Ready for a Podcast?