Wanderlust Satisfied: Helping Listeners Hack Travel with Expedia

95% Listen-Through Rate

“Out Travel the System is designed to help you dig under the system and get everything you need to book travel that fits your schedule, tastes and budget.”

Nisreene Atassi — Director of Global Communications, Expedia

The Challenge

In the context of a crowded and convoluted market, Expedia is a digital travel brand determined to set itself apart.

With Out Travel the System, this industry giant had a few lofty goals — to define itself as “helpful,” deliver content valuable to its listeners, and empower an ever-growing list of travel-thirsty clientele.

The Approach

After getting to know Expedia and what they were looking for, we knew we had to leverage their unique assets — namely, a mountain of valuable data, and a network of over 20,000 industry experts.

By helping and empowering its listeners, Out Travel the System would shape Expedia’s reputation and set it apart from the competition for good.

To help the brand do this, we carefully conducted intensive research, pre-interviewed each guest, and recorded, edited, and distributed each and every episode of this breakout podcast.

The Results

In working with JAR Audio on the development, production, distribution, and marketing of its podcast, Expedia has seen exceptional results.

Bragging Rights

  • 95% listen-through rate per episode
  • 300% increase in listenership year-over-year
  • 5-star reviews from over 200 listeners
  • High-impact promotion deal with TED Talk Daily
  • Unique collaboration with The Moth

Earned Mentions

Featured among Stitcher’s Recommended Travel Podcasts

Recommended by Lonely Planet as a Top Travel Podcast

Client and JAR

Expedia and JAR Audio set out to create a series that offers travellers a sneak peek behind the curtain of the travel world — arming them with tips, tricks and hacks that help them get the most out of each trip.

In developing the show’s format and season arc, we leaned on Expedia’s access to data, and the expertise of over 20,000 travel professionals affiliated with their brand, both moves which allowed us to create high-value content with maximum impact.

We made the strategic decision to skip the serial format, instead offering episodes designed to serve as helpful, standalone guides that would make travel easier for jetsetters everywhere.

Using our proprietary system for remote recording, JAR Audio’s team works with each and every guest to deliver exceptional audio and avoid common challenges faced with heavy web traffic and cloud-based recording services.

Together, Expedia and JAR Audio have identified countless problems faced by travellers and set out to solve each one. Through innovative development and seamless execution, we’ve delivered a series the empowered traveller simply can’t miss.

More About

Out Travel The System is the insider’s guide to making the most out of every travel experience, from smart savings tips to when to splurge on some indulgences. Join host Nisreene Atassi as she gathers inspiration from seasoned travelers and gets exclusive travel insights, backed by the power of global travel leader Expedia’s deep foundation of data. Thinking about travel is something we do 24-7, whether it’s dreaming of the destinations we haven’t visited yet, or reminiscing about the great memories we’ve already created.