Wanderlust Satisfied

Helping Listeners Hack Travel with Expedia

The Business Problem

In an overcrowded travel market, digital travel brand Expedia sought to differentiate itself. However, travellers largely viewed Expedia as just a source for travel deals, failing to recognize it as a “helpful” brand. 

Facing this challenge, Expedia had set ambitious goals – they aimed to be seen as “helpful”, provide valuable content to listeners, and empower their expanding base of travel-hungry clients. 

Knowing they wanted to venture into the podcasting space, but unsure how to stand out amidst the multitude of travel podcasts, Expedia approached JAR for guidance on creating a unique show.

The Solution

In partnering with Expedia, we tapped into their unique resources – a vast reservoir of valuable data and a network of over 20,000 industry experts. Our aim? To create “Out Travel the System,” a podcast that would position Expedia as a helpful, empowering entity, distinct from its competition.

Our collaborative endeavour aimed to give travellers an insider view of the travel world, equipping them with useful tips, tricks, and hacks to enhance their travel experiences. We maximized the use of Expedia’s data and professional expertise to generate high-impact, value-rich content.

Rather than adopting a serial format, we chose to produce standalone, guide-like episodes addressing specific travel concerns, ensuring relevance for a wide range of travellers. Leveraging our proprietary remote recording system, we overcame the typical challenges of web traffic and cloud-based recording services to deliver top-tier audio.

Through problem identification and creative solutions, Expedia and JAR Audio created an essential resource for the empowered traveler, seamlessly executed and innovatively developed.

The Results


  • 95% Listen-Through Rate
  • 300% increase in listenership year-over-year

“Out Travel the System is designed to help you dig under the system and get everything you need to book travel that fits your schedule, tastes and budget.”

Nisreene Atassi — Director of Global Communications, Expedia