Making a Global Team Feel at Home

An Internal Podcast with lululemon

The Business Problem

As lululemon experienced a remarkable surge in success, their team grew rapidly, expanding from 1,600 to 4,200 employees within six years. This rapid growth, however, presented a challenge: engaging their globally dispersed team. Many employees, distanced from the Vancouver-based headquarters, felt disconnected, especially during significant HQ events. In addition, lululemon wanted to offer their young staff content that they would relate to, find value in, while also consuming on their own time and “while getting ready in the morning”. In response to this challenge, lululemon partnered with JAR Audio to bridge this engagement gap.

The Solution

To address lululemon’s challenge of maintaining a connected, engaged team amidst rapid growth, we partnered with them to create an internal podcast: “The Lululemon Leadership Series”. This platform aimed to strengthen company culture and enhance investment and engagement across the board.

Despite having rich, live content being generated at their Vancouver HQ, the challenge lay in effectively delivering it to a globally dispersed audience. Our approach involved attending these live events, typically featuring TED Talk-style presentations by notable personalities, and capturing insightful interviews with these guests.

We established a dedicated recording environment at lululemon HQ. Here, our hosts, Juma Wood and Audrey Plaskacz, interviewed the guests post their talks. To ensure high-quality content, we trained Juma and Audrey in effective interviewing, provided question lines, and crafted narration scripts.

Our role also included polishing and packaging these episodes, transforming them into easily accessible audio content for every member of the lululemon team. This internal podcast served as a deep dive into leadership principles, fostering a shared understanding and unity within the team.x

The Results


  • Our podcast outperformed industry standards with a 95% average consumption rate per episode (industry average: 60%) 
  • The podcast was listened to by 75% of global staff
  • Scores of feedback from global staff