Making a Global Team Feel at Home: An Internal Podcast with lululemon

95% Listen-Through Rate

“lululemon cemented their reputation as leaders in team management with this internal podcast. It was one of the first of its kind, and demonstrated their commitment to keeping their teams excited and engaged.”

Roger Nairn — CEO, JAR Audio

The Challenge

With lululemon’s astronomical rise to success came an increasingly dispersed team.

Our job was to help this industry leading brand create a podcast that would convey a clear sense of company culture and foster investment, engagement, and connection in every player on their team.

The Approach

After an intensive strategy session with lululemon, we quickly learned that with their astronomical rise came a struggle to keep their growing team connected.

While they were already creating high-value live content at their Vancouver headquarters, it was a challenge to deliver it to an audience that’s so widely dispersed.

To help them make the most of their already stellar efforts, we set out to produce, polish, and package these events, creating A+ content that would be easy access for everyone on their team.

The Results

After working with JAR Audio, lululemon’s internal podcast hit a 95% listen-through rate — a staggering number for 20-30 minute episodes many staff tune into on their own time.

Bragging Rights

Positive feedback from team members

A stronger sense of connection with the Vancouver head office

Client and JAR

In order to turn their exceptional live events into something even better, we set out to create an expertly produced, multi-faceted podcast that teams could tune into whenever they’d like.

Our approach was threefold.

For every episode, we recorded:

The live event with professional equipment and exceptional audio

Streeters — or casual, ambient interviews — with attendees and team members

A pre-planned, sit-down Q&A with the speaker and members of lululemon’s Leadership Development Team

From there, transcripts were created and each episode was translated into multiple languages to fit the needs of an international audience.

The result is a dynamic and engaging listening experience that is clearly holding the attention of the amazing folks that form their growing team.

Lululemon’s Leadership Series is an internal podcast. For sound samples please reach out to JAR Audio.