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Corporate Podcast Production: What Do Brands Have to Say?


Unlocking the Power of Corporate Podcast Production from Our Client’s Perspective

As Chief Creative Officer at a branded podcast company, I already know my own opinion about what makes for a good branded podcast. In my view, it’s all about listening; Listening to the audience, the story, and the client, to create something that meets the needs of all 3. And in the case of B2B podcasting, it’s also about listening to the industry as a whole, to better understand how your podcast fits in. 

But I was curious how our clients felt about it. What does “the perfect podcasting experience” look like from the brand’s perspective? What does it really take, from the inside, to ensure your podcast is working the way it’s supposed to… and that it’s helping you achieve your business goals? This is why I recently sent a couple of clients –  Amazon and AAA Northeast – some questions about branded podcasting. Because let’s face it: advice coming straight from the horse’s mouth is always more valuable… not that our clients are horses. But you get the picture. 

Here’s a summary of what our clients – industry-leading professionals – said brands need to know about the art, business, and science that goes into corporate podcast production:

Getting Started: Crafting Your Show

Andrea Marquez, the host of Amazon’s This is Small Business podcast, emphasizes the importance of finding the perfect balance among three essential elements when creating a compelling show:Andrea Marquez is a leader when it comes to corporate podcast production.

  1. Prioritizing the Listener: Always put your audience at the forefront. Understanding their needs and preferences is crucial for making a meaningful connection.
  2. Telling the Brand Story Creatively: Your show should convey the essence of your brand in a way that is both engaging and imaginative. This not only builds brand identity but also captivates your audience’s attention.
  3. Inspiring the Production Team: The process should be exhilarating for those involved in bringing the show to life. A motivated and enthusiastic team will produce their best work, which in turn elevates the show’s quality.

A show that seamlessly integrates these three elements is the kind that resonates and succeeds.

Andrew Rosen, Vice President of Brand and Content Marketing at AAA Northeast who make the Merging into Life podcast, adds that finding the right concept and show format is crucial. Andrew Rosen from AAA Northeast is a leader in corporate podcast production

He notes: 

By having an authentic, conversational format, we hope to build a deeper connection with our audience and show the personality behind the brand.

– Andrew Rosen, AAA

Choosing a Podcast Partner: Key Traits to Look For

Both clients stressed how choosing the right podcast agency from the get-go is a pivotal decision for any brand looking to create a branded podcast strategy. From concept development to production, distribution, and marketing, every step requires a careful balance of creativity, strategy, collaboration, and knowledge of the podcasting ecosystem. Brands need allies to do this well, and a podcast agency can serve that purpose.

Selecting the right podcast agency is akin to choosing a business partner. Andrea Marquez outlines the hallmarks of an ideal podcast company partner:

  1. Compatible Communication: It’s essential to engage with clients in their preferred style and method of communication. Consistency and clarity are paramount.
  2. Constructive Pushback: While it’s important to listen to client requests, knowing when to push back is equally crucial. Saying yes to everything isn’t always in the best interest of the final product.
  3. Vision and Growth: Every interaction should be an opportunity to think big and drive growth, ensuring that each engagement contributes to the overall success and expansion of the project.
  4. Value Alignment: Ensuring that the values of both parties are in sync is vital.

Andrew Rosen echoes this sentiment, noting that AAA Northeast prioritized podcast companies with proven success, strategic vision, and storytelling ability. “The podcasting experts also had to be willing to look under the hood to learn our brand values—and challenge our assumptions,” he shares.

Monitoring Progress: Knowing If It’s Working

Success in podcasting isn’t always immediate. At Amazon, it’s a constant evolution and a matter of making sure audience numbers are trending in the right direction. 

Success is evident when goals are being met or there is tangible progress towards achieving those milestones. Frequent check-ins and evaluations are crucial to ensure that you’re on the right track.

– Andrea Marquez, Amazon

For Andrew Rosen and his team, success means building brand awareness and customer loyalty among new audiences, as well as learning the ins and outs of podcasting and understanding what their audience wants. “In a perfect world, we’re amassing tens of thousands of downloads,” he notes, “but simply learning and hearing our audience is success.”

Corporate podcast production is a significant undertaking that requires thoughtful planning, creative courage, skilled production, determination, partnership with a skilled podcast marketing agency, and continuous evaluation.

By prioritizing your audience, telling your brand story creatively, and fostering a motivated production team, you can create a podcast that truly resonates. If you’re looking to make a show with your brand, choose a podcast partner who communicates well, provides constructive feedback, understands your vision, knows your audience, and aligns with your values to ensure long-term success.

And most of all, remember: you know your brand best, so your input and participation matters.

5 Key Takeaways on Brands Making a Podcast:

  1. Listening is Key: Understanding the needs of your audience, the essence of the story, and the podcast’s objective is crucial for creating a successful corporate podcast.
  2. Balance Essential Elements: Effective branded podcasts find a balance between prioritizing listeners, creatively telling the brand’s story, and inspiring the production team.
  3. Choosing the Right Partner: Selecting a podcast agency that aligns with your communication style and values is vital for a productive partnership and successful podcast creation.
  4. Continuous Evaluation: Monitoring the performance of your podcast and making adjustments based on feedback and audience engagement metrics is essential for long-term success.
  5. Authentic Engagement: Building a genuine, conversational connection with your audience can significantly enhance brand perception and loyalty.

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