Podcasts and trust

How To Gain Audience Trust With A Branded Podcast

Branded podcasts can be an excellent option for building trust with your target audience. Find out how to achieve it.


By: Laurissa Cebryk

While you’d never ask them to, you want to be the kind of brand that has so much trust with it’s audience that they would follow you if you jumped off a bridge. It’s that age-old adage: “If your friend jumped off a bridge would you do that, too?” Yes, mom. Yes, I would. 

When done correctly, a branded podcast is actually a fantastic network for building trust with your target audience — but trust is a two-way street. To receive trust you need to earn it, and there are a few ways to do it with a podcast. 

Since the craziness that was 2020, businesses are trusted even more than before. Now is prime time to capitalize and build on that trust. 

Here’s how and why you gain audience trust with your branded podcast. 



A podcast is an excellent way to let your audience know they can reach you. Podcasting is an intimate format, it’s like letting them become a part of your inner circle — maybe even your family. When you deliver content that resonates with their values (and your values) it makes your brand much more personable and approachable, which puts you well on the way to building trust. 

As a bonus — make sure your audience also knows you’re listening to them. Ask for feedback on the show and adjust to continue to reach your target audience and deliver content they care about. Feeling like they’re heard is a crucial cornerstone of trust development.




A key aspect of any branded podcast for any KPI is that it needs to be authentic. No brand pushing, script reading, or fake messaging that doesn’t align with your brand’s values or actions. When your podcast comes across authentically, so does your brand. Audiences can sense disingenousness from a mile away. They’ll trust a show that is authentic, candid(ish), and relatable. 



You know that friend you have who says they’re going to show up — maybe even going as far as to say they’re in the Uber — when really they’re still in bed? Yeah. Don’t let your podcast be that friend. Trust will be achieved when you achieve consistency in four areas: 

1. Publication

If someone loves what you do, but they can’t rely on when it goes live, you’ll lose them.

2. Content

If they loved one week’s episode, but the next week doesn’t deliver on their interests or values, you’ll lose them.

3. Values

If you are all over the place with what you value as a brand, your content will reflect that. You’ll lose them.

4. Quality

Even if you’re having the most interesting, groundbreaking conversation in the world, poor quality audio will almost guarantee your audience shuts that racket off. Guess what? 

Achieve consistency across the board and you’ll achieve elevated trust within your target audience.


Demonstrate Your Expertise

Branded podcasts are a fantastic way to establish yourself as a thought leader surrounding the issues your audience cares about. You don’t even have to be the ultimate expert. By bringing in true experts and having important conversations about topics that matter, you’ll gain clout and trust. 


Give to Get

As in any type of business, you usually have to give to get. Trust with your audience is no different. You give consistency, quality, and value, you get trust and loyalty. The truth about podcasting is that you aren’t making the show for your brand or even for yourself. You’re making it for your audience, so make sure you’re giving them true value and insight.

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