How to get ahead in podcasting

A Mockumentary Podcast about the Branded Podcast Industry… full of authentic advice!
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Inspired by the classic cult film How to Get Ahead in Advertising, that episode of The Office where Dwight kills Angela’s cat, and several camp skits we once wrote, JAR Audio is at long last putting our creative mojo where our mouth is… or maybe not exactly where our mouth is, because who knows where our mouth has been… but you get the picture. 

That’s right, campers, we’ve launched How to Get Ahead in Podcasting,  our very own show — a “tell-all” about the branded podcast industry. Part audio advice column and part sketch comedy, it will fill your head with all kinds of nonsense that you should probably ignore.

This podcast presents a ludicrous and deeply incorrect view of the branded podcasting industry. From naming your aviation podcast “Bombs on a Plane,” to getting out-pitched by an AI intern, to receiving a cease-and-desist for stalking Samuel L. Jackson, to underscoring a children’s show with Swedish horror music — THE JAR AUDIO EXPERIENCE ™ team is bound to steer you completely wrong as they brainstorm their way ineptly through meeting after meeting. Think of their guidance as lessons in “what not to do” at each stage of the branded podcasting process.

Are you still here?

Great! You must be an audio storyteller or a brand considering making a podcast. Or a bot. Maybe you’re a bot. Either way, rest assured, you’re in the right place. Better buckle in, though. It’s going to be a wild but ultimately inspiring ride. Stick with each episode to the end and someone from the real JAR Audio team steps in to right the wrongs and lay out what we ACTUALLY do for our valued clients to land them award-winning shows.  We dive into everything from how to choose a name for your show, how to book that dream guest, how to market your podcast, common mistakes made in DIY audio recording), and much more.


Here’s what the critics are saying (it’s not great) 

“A new low for the branded podcasting industry.'”

–    Ruth Barnes, Chalk and Blade

“I don’t care if AI takes these producers’ jobs.”

–    Chris Kelly, Kelly and Kelly

“If podcasts could chart in the Bottom 100, this would be #1”

–    Bryan Barletta, Sounds Profitable

“I’ve heard better.”

–    James Cridland, Podnews

“I wish this was a joke… is this a joke?”

–    Joni Deutsch, The Podglomorate