Introducing Good For All, by posAbilities

When the pandemic was in its infancy, JAR Audio pivoted (drink!) to help our friends in the community to make their own podcasts. One of those groups was posAbilities. posAbilities provides a broad range of services to persons with developmental disabilities and their families. Their team of approximately 600 employees includes community and residential support workers, community connectors, employment specialists, behaviour consultants, other professionals, and a network of shared living contractors.

When posAbilities reached out for our support we developed a program to help them build in-house capacity and launch their own podcast. This involved producing a custom program to train their internal team – everything from storytelling, concepting, understanding the podcast ecosystem, production, editing and promotion.

Well, we are happy to announce that their podcast has launched!

Good For All is a new podcast about disability, community, and inclusion. Really, it’s conversations about community living as we work toward our vision of “good and full lives for all.”

The show is hosted by Monique Nelson, the Director of Community Engagement for posAbilities. Her experience spans communication, public engagement, and social policy development. She is also the mom of two young adults, one of whom has autism, and enjoys supporting individuals and families on their journeys to good and full lives.

In episode 1 they cover An Innovation Mindset. For decades, the community living movement has worked to create more inclusive communities where people with disabilities can participate as full citizens. At posAbilities, they are stretching themselves toward a vision of good and full lives for everyone. But what do they mean when they say “good and full lives” and how do we get there? In the first episode, posAbilities Director of Innovation, Gord Tulloch, talks about how an innovation mindset can help create real change and bring more meaning and purpose into people’s lives.

Great job posAbilities!!!

The Good For All podcast is now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and TuneIn, as well as on your favourite podcatcher. Or, check out their podcast website to learn more about posAbilities. Or subscribe below!

Jen Moss is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of JAR Audio.