JAR Audio Declares War On Bad Audio

Big Orange and JAR Audio declare war on bad audio by launching the Global Audio Alliance.

JAR Audio has entered into a global strategic partnership, combining JAR’s industry-leading branded podcast services with Big Orange’s world-class experiential audio storytelling.

Brands are adding audio storytelling into their marketing mix more and more every day. At the same time, immersive audio storytelling and experiential audio like 8D Audio are rising in popularity.

The JAR Audio x Big Orange partnership results in a powerful combination: Big Orange is built upon audio designers, composers, audio strategists, and creative directors, who use their experience in creating award-winning branded audio experiences. And JAR Audio is comprised of journalists, writers, audio specialists, and marketers who understand the role a podcast plays in brand storytelling. Our services are now tied together with industry-leading client experience and project management.

“Partnering with JAR Audio will allow us to provide the very best audio solutions for our clients. With Big Orange’s 20+ year experience in producing high quality audio stories, combined with JAR Audio’s journalistic background and excellent knowledge of marketing and promotion, we are able to create global branded podcast projects that reach the targeted audience and stand out.”

Jos Jansen, Big Orange CEO

“Our partnership with Big Orange allows us to offer our clients a broader depth of audio solutions. On top of our industry-leading branded podcasts, JAR Audio is excited to now offer location-based audio, 3D to 8D binaural recording, multi-channel audio, audio objects, and audio for VR and AR. Companies now have a single source for their high quality audio needs.”

Roger Nairn, JAR Audio CEO

Big Orange and JAR Audio hereby declare war on bad audio. Our common goal is to inspire global brands to tell their story through immersive sound and to continually advocate the importance of high-quality audio.

With this alliance, JAR Audio’s services extend globally and now include:

Audio Guides

Who wants an audio guide with a monotone voice and standard plain information? Nobody! Using the best actors, skillful sound design, and customized soundtracks, we create audio content that’s fun to hear and keeps the audience listening to the very end. We also work with world-leading hardware developers to ensure hassle-free technical and creative content solutions.

Audio Experiences

There’s so much more to storytelling than you might at first think. In fact, you won’t believe your ears. Consider location-based audio, 3D tot 8D binaural recording, multi-channel audio, audio objects, audio for VR and AR, and more!

360º Spatial Audio

3D, 8D, or even 9D binaural audio creates the most immersive experience you can imagine. All you need is a pair of headphones, and we’ll take care of the rest. You can use it for (streaming) radio, audio experiences in museums, and even podcasts. We can help you with spatial sound for augmented and virtual reality as well. These are two of the boldest, daring, and most exciting technologies for brands.

Sonic Branding

Audio branding is probably the most vital part of modern marketing strategy. Why? Because sound speaks to our deepest instincts, bypassing the rational brain. Well-chosen sounds stick in the minds of potential customers. We help brands and organizations find the most suitable voice and music for their brand.

Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol

About Big Orange

Based in Amsterdam and Utrecht, The Netherlands, Big Orange is an avant-garde audio agency, developing “audio experiences” including immersive podcasts, creative audio tours, memorable campaigns, and original soundtracks for brands, agencies, and cultural organizations. We help our clients bring their stories to life. Delivering highly relevant, high-quality audio strategies, concepts, and productions. Stories that help brands connect, relate to, and engage their audience.

Big Orange

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Roger Nairn is the Co-Founder and CEO of JAR Audio


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