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JAR Audio is incredibly excited to introduce DISRUPTORS, an RBC podcast, which provides listeners with insights for navigating a rapidly changing world.

The world is changing. Fast. And this new reality demands new approaches to just about every aspect of our lives. How we work, invest, travel, entertain, educate, socialize, and look after ourselves will become all but unrecognizable in the next 5-10 years.

But don’t worry… it’s a good thing.

Disruptors, explores the important connection between innovation and the next phase of the economy. Hosted by best-selling author and thought leader John Stackhouse, Disruptors challenges patterns and assumptions, shining a light on new technologies, innovative adaptations, new tactics for doing business, and exciting ways of building our future. Through captivating audio storytelling and high-level conversation, Disruptors helps Canada – and the world – thrive by highlighting the creative power of disruptive ideas.

The podcast features thought-provoking and in-depth conversations with business and innovation leaders about planting the seeds of a new economy. It is responsible for interpreting trends and providing insights into how these trends are affecting RBC, its clients, and society at large.

Listen to this show if you want to hear all the latest business, education, and scientific developments and how they’re shaping our world. Meet the leaders who are putting tomorrow’s solutions in place, today.

JAR Audio has been working with the RBC team since August and is responsible for the strategy, production and marketing of the show. They’ve been a great team to work with and are truly dedicated to providing their audience with thought leadership and ideas to drive prosperity – which has never been more important.

We were looking for a team of experienced audio storytellers that also had deep podcast marketing know-how. JAR brought both and have been great partners in developing and growing our podcast.

Jill Borra – Senior Director, Content Strategy, RBC Thought Leadership

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 Roger Nairn is Co-Founder and CEO of JAR Audio

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