Why a Branded Podcast?

The time is perfect for your brand to have their own podcast.

67 Million Americans listen to podcasts every month

81% of listeners say they sometimes or “always” pay attention to what is said on a podcast (compared to 66% who ignore digital ads, 63% who ignore commercials, and 61% who ignore billboards)

When we say branded podcast, we don’t mean advertising your brand on another podcast. We’re talking about owning your own custom content. By having a branded podcast you can own the channel and include a show as part of your marketing mix.

A quality podcast can set you apart.

Quality content is often difficult and expensive to produce and even more difficult to maintain. JAR Audio delivers quality, listenable audio content, on time and on budget. We work with your team to find the approach that will be of the most value to your audience.



Podcasts pull listeners in. They can engage your audience on a very intimate level - more than other media.


A quality-produced podcast allows listeners to develop a connection with your brand. Not only do they find the content engaging (which results in longer listening) but they look forward to the next episode.


Audiences listen to podcasts on their own terms. The on-demand nature of podcasting means listeners are tapping in while driving, on the treadmill or waiting in line at the grocery store. Listeners are actively listening vs. other forms of media where marketers struggle to keep their attention.


JAR AUDIO offers tailored podcasts developed by experienced writers and sound designers, with next-level client care. Our thorough development process creates a climate of trust and mutual respect between our creative team and our clients. We take a strengths-based approach, helping clients utilize their existing networks to increase the reach of their podcast. We will work with your budget and employee skill-set to help you get the most out of your podcast experience.

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