Podcasts and thought leadership

Podcasts: The Ultimate B2B Marketing Tactic for Today’s Thought Leaders

Why branded podcasting is the ultimate thought leadership tool for B2B marketing.

By: Roger Nairn, CEO

In the dynamic world of B2B marketing, where thought leadership and brand authority are key, podcasts have emerged as a powerful tool. For enterprises like Deloitte and McKinsey, depth of knowledge and industry expertise are currencies unto themselves. Podcasts offer a unique and exceptional platform to demonstrate your leadership and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Let’s dive into why podcasts are the absolute best marketing tactic for B2B marketers today. 

1. Humanizing Your Brand 

Podcasts allow you to humanize your brand. They create a space where your company’s leaders and experts can share their insights in a conversational, relatable way. This personal touch is invaluable in the B2B realm, where building trust and establishing a human connection — especially as a large enterprise in a complicated field — can be challenging. 

One B2B enterprise that does an exceptional job of this with a podcast is This Is Small Business from Amazon. It feels like you’re sitting down in Andrea Marquez’s office and learning all her SMB secrets — not staring down the intimidating door of the Amazon headquarters. 

2. Positioning as Industry Leaders

Thought leadership is at the heart of B2B marketing. Through podcasts, your experts can discuss industry trends, share unique insights, and address current challenges. This positions your company not just as a service provider but as a visionary leader in your field. 

Genome BC does exactly this with their podcast, Nice Genes! While silly and approachable, the show lets you know that they are the leaders in genomic studies in BC and are here to stay. 

3. Leveraging Long-Form Content 

The long-form nature of podcasts allows for in-depth discussions, providing value that is often lost in shorter content formats. For consultants and advisors, this is an opportunity to delve into complex topics, showcase expertise, and provide real, actionable insights to your audience. Due to the intimate nature of podcasting, the long-form format also lets your audience feel like you’re accessible. They’re spending quality time with you and within your inner circle. 

4. Building a Dedicated Community 

Podcasts are a journey that listeners commit to. This ongoing engagement fosters a dedicated community of professionals who are genuinely interested in your content. Over time, this community becomes a self-sustaining network of advocates and potential clients, which is much more valuable than a one-time listener or ad. 

RBC’s Disruptors is a valuable resource for businesses looking at being at the forefront of sustainability and new technology. It has a great following and community of those who want to stay in the loop.

5. Accessibility and Convenience

In our fast-paced world, the convenience of podcasts stands out. They allow business professionals to engage with your content while multitasking. This accessibility makes your brand a constant companion to their daily lives, enhancing brand recall and loyalty. In today’s world, many people like to keep their brains working while their hands are busy. You want to be the brand they’re busy with.

6. Collaboration Opportunities

Podcasts open doors to collaborations with other industry leaders, influencers, and experts. These collaborations not only enrich your content but also expand your reach and credibility in the industry. It’s like networking but more fun. 

7. Tailored Content for Niche Audiences

B2B markets are often niche with very specific needs. Podcasts allow you to tailor your content to these specific audiences, addressing their unique challenges and interests. This targeted approach ensures higher relevance and engagement. Just like how you have an ideal customer when you create a product, the more specific ideal audience you can hone in on for your podcast, the better. 

8. Enhanced Content Marketing Strategy

Integrating podcasts into your broader content strategy amplifies its impact. You can repurpose content into blogs, whitepapers, and social media posts, creating a cohesive and comprehensive content ecosystem. Especially if your podcast has immense value to your listeners, you can capitalize on that value-add across all your content. Investing in a branded podcast is investing in a well-rounded content marketing strategy.

You can see how we did just that with our own show, How To Get Ahead in Podcasting. Every episode had a corresponding blog post, which have also been recycled on our social media as “Tip Jar” posts. Podcasts really are the gift that just keeps on giving. 

9. Measurable Impact

With advancements in analytics, the impact of your podcast can be effectively measured. Understanding listener behaviour, preferences, and engagement levels helps in refining your content and strategy for even better results. It’s a different style of measurement compared to KPIs and insights, but it will help you expand your reach and truly create an impact with your audience for brand lift, recognition, and thought leadership. 

10. Long-Term ROI

While podcasts require an upfront investment in time and resources (you want to do them right and with exceptional quality to stand out), they offer long-term returns. The evergreen nature of podcast content means it continues to engage new listeners long after the initial release. 

For B2B marketers, especially in the consulting and advisory space, podcasts are not just another channel; they are a strategic tool to showcase expertise, build meaningful relationships, and establish industry authority. They are an investment in your brand’s future, positioning you at the forefront of your industry’s conversation. 

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