The DIY Branded Podcast & Why it (Probably) Won’t Work

How in-house production can kill your branded show.

If you’ve explored the benefits of a branded podcast, and think you’re ready for your own show, you might be tempted to create one in house.

It is an expensive ordeal after all, and you are the experts in your own space, so why not do it yourself?

Unfortunately, it’s really not that simple — and if you think it is, you might not really understand the complexity, scale, and potential of branded audio.

This is a content marketing medium with extraordinary value, but it has to be near flawless to deliver the kind of results you want.

Below, we take a deep dive into corporate podcast production, and why you need a qualified, focused, and medium-specific team to make the most of your corporate show.

Audio quality

This one should be obvious, but just to make things perfectly clear, we can’t emphasize enough how much audio quality matters.

When you create a corporate podcast, you’re broadcasting directly into the ears of your ideal audience members…

And with over 2 million shows already available, you really need to be meeting their already sky-high standards.

Your fans will expect comfortable, seamless, and pleasurable listening — not an off-your-desk recording that’s only a few steps above a Zoom call.

Subpar audio will undermine their experience, your message, and your brand identity as a whole.

You wouldn’t publish a rough draft of a sales campaign, or air a commercial you made with your cell phone, so why would you settle for haphazard or half-baked audio?

There are several (if not hundreds) of podcasts in just about every niche these days; mediocre sound quality will push your listeners away, and into the wide open arms of a more polished show.

Journalism and storytelling

And make no mistake, integrity and storytelling are every bit as important as the quality of your audio.

Depending on your format and niche, you are going to need…

  • Journalistic experience

  • Storytelling expertise

  • Or some combination thereof

Ultimately, 30-minute and hour-long episodes require exceptional structural integrity and, depending on the nature of your show, might require skills you really only master with a background in news.

Whether you’re dealing with lighthearted interviews, or divisive and sensitive subjects, you need someone working on your series that has the know-how to do it all well.

Interviewing is an art form. 

Your host will need the support of professionals to master this process, and deliver an interview that doesn’t feel like an awkward blinddate or grocery store small talk.

And, if you’re dealing with sensitive subjects, current events, or a topic that deserves several points of view, an expert can help you deliver content that’s fact-checked, fair, and appropriate.

Journalistic integrity is crucial for a series that maintains balance, perspective, and value — while reflecting well on your brand as a whole.

Time and resources

It’s also worth mentioning that producing a corporate podcast off the side of your desk will be a massive drain of both time and resources.

When you’re looking at several episodes (or perhaps seasons) of content, you’re faced with a huge project that will pull your team away from their day-to-day work.

This is only exacerbated when you’re dealing with a new medium, and a space your team (probably) knows very little about.

If you want to make the most of your people, you should allow them to focus on what they do well, and leave the beast that is audio to seasoned and efficient pros.

This really isn’t a project you can crack out in one afternoon like a newsletter or social post — and even industry-leading brands can flop with a half-baked show.

Trust us when we say that we’ve seen it before.

Industry contacts and know-how

As you look to grow and distribute your corporate podcast, cross promotion, analytics, and networking are all paramount.

You really have to be competitive to make waves in this explosively popular space, and “knowing people” can help you do just that.

A seasoned production agency offers…

  • The media contacts you need to get the word out

  • Existing relationships you can leverage to cross-promote your show

  • Connections with the folks behind the biggest podcast directories

  • And increased access to the kind of analytics you need for strategic growth

If this is your first time dipping your toes in the audio pond, you’re unlikely to have any of that — and you might miss out on killer opportunities to skyrocket your show.

Too close

And finally, sometimes your emotional and professional proximity to your brand can prevent your team from making a representative, enjoyable, and truly strategic show.

A production agency can help you see where your content lands in the bigger picture, and make a series that reflects your brand as a whole.

Professionals can also help you plug your brand, while resisting the urge to sell. The last thing you want is to create the world’s longest ad

And sometimes, when you’ve got your eye on the prize, the temptation is strong.

The bottom line? Objectivity, outside perspective, and a close-but-not-too-close relationship can help you find the key to podcasting, and unlock your very best show.

To learn more about the team (and skills) you need for your corporate podcast production, check out this post.

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