The Ultimate List of Branded Podcasts By JAR Audio

The team at JAR Audio has put together the world’s biggest list of companies using podcasts in marketing (branded podcasts) to show you the breadth of possibilities, give you a glimpse into what’s going on in your category, and understand what some of the trends are in podcast content.

Each of these is a great example of how companies are building brand affinity with their podcasts, capturing their audience’s attention and holding it – which fixes the hole in their marketing funnel. You can see how brands have stuck to the most important thing to remember when producing a branded podcast is: it must deliver superior value to the listener. 

In order to do this they’ve stayed laser-focused on the listener, and ask themselves:

  1. What does our audience need to be taught?

  2. Where does our audience need help?

  3. How does our audience like to be entertained?

They’ve then produced a podcast(s) that meets those needs. And, for the most part, they have steered clear of focusing on their product.

It’s a big list, but I’m sure we missed something, so please tweet at us (@JAR_Audio) if we are missing any. We’ll add you to the list.

B2C Podcasts: 

3M: Science Champions

Bank of America: That Made All the Difference

Bank of Montreal: Better Conversations. Better Outcomes. / Sustainability Leaders / Macro Horizons

Barneys New York: The Barneys Podcast

Ben & Jerry’s: Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America

Blinkist: Simplify

Blue Apron: Why We Eat What We Eat

BMW: Changing Lanes

Boohoo: Get the Scoop

Bumble: Unsubscribe

Casper: Sleep Channel

Charles Schwab: Choiceology

Cineplex: Hello Movies

Cleveland Clinic: Butts & Guts

Comerica Bank: Comerica Podcast

Expedia: Out Travel The System

Facebook: Three and a Half Degrees

General Electric: Decoding Genius / Life After/The Message

General Mills: A Taste of General Mills

Glassdoor: In Pursuit

Goldman Sachs: Exchanges at Goldman Sachs

Gucci: The Gucci Podcast

Harrods: True Tales of Luxury

IKEA: The IKEA Sleep Podcast

Jack Daniels: Around the Barrel

JD Sports: In the Duffle Bag

John Deere: On Life & Land

Johnson & Johnson: See You Now / Notes On Nursing / J&J Innovation

KLM Airlines: The Journey

LinkedIn: Hello Monday

Lyft: Pick Me Up

Maison Margiela: The Memory Of…

MasterCard: Fortune Favors the Bold

McAfee: Hackable?

Melissa & Doug: Living Playfully

Mozilla: IRL

NatWest: Adapting to the New Now

Netflix: We Are Netflix / Netflix Is A Daily Joke / You Can’t Make This Up / I’m Obsessed With This / I Hate Talking About Myself / Strong Black Legends

New Balance: Dress Codes

NHS: Couch to 5K

PrettyLittleThing: Behind Closed Doors Pushing Send

RBC: Disruptors

Red Bull: How To Be Superman

REI: Wildfire, Camp Monsters, Wild Ideas Worth Living

Robinhood: Snacks

Saje Natural Wellness: Well Now


ServiceNow: Now

Smead: Keeping You Organized

SONOS: Blackout

Strava: Athletes Unfiltered

Toyota: Toyota Untold

Umpqua Bank: Open Account

Wells Fargo: Working at Wells Fargo

WHOOP: The WHOOP Podcast

Zendium: 2 Minutes of Zen

Click here to access everything you need to market a podcast. 

B2B Podcasts: 

1Password: Random But Memorable

Adaptavist: Adaptavist Live

Adobe: Adobe Martech Talk / Wireframe / The Digital Transformation Project

Andreessen Horowitz: The a16z Podcast / Bio Eats World / 16 Minutes on the News

AppDirect: Decoding Digital

AppsFlyer: Next in Marketing No Parking

Bannersnack: Drag & Drop Show

Barings: Streaming Income

Basecamp: Rework

Blackbaud: sgENGAGE Podcast

BombBomb: The Customer Experience Podcast

Buffer: The Science of Social Media / Breaking Brand

Carahsoft: The Atlassian Advantage

Casted: The Casted Podcast

Cerner: Perspectives on Health & Tech

Churn Buster: Playing for Keeps

Cisco: Security Stories

CodePen: CodePen Radio

Conga: Agents of Change

CoSchedule: The Actionable Marketing Podcast

CreativeLive: Chase Jarvis LIVE Podcast

Databox: Ground Up

DDI: The Leadership 480 Podcast

DELL Technologies: AI: Hype vs. Reality / Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson / Luminaries

Demio: SaaS Breakthrough

eBay: eBay for Business Podcast

Element AI: The Element AI Podcast

Freshbooks: I Make a Living

Frontline Education: Field Trip

Glassdoor: In Pursuit FounderQuest

Initialized Capital: Business Schooled with Alexis Ohanian

Intercom: Inside Intercom

InVision: The Design Better Podcast

Ionic: Bet on the Web

Jeffries Financial Group: Invisible Forces

Leadpages: The Lead Generation

LionTree: KindredCast

Mailchimp: Going Through It / Partners

MarketingProfs: Marketing Smarts

McKinsey: The McKinsey Podcast

Merrill Lynch: Perspectives

Microsoft: Microsoft Partner Network Podcast

Morgan Stanley: Ideas

Notation Capital: Origins

Notion VC: The Pain of Scale

Okta: Zero to IPO

Omnisend: The Cart Insider Podcast

OpenView Ventures: OV Build

Paycom: HR Break Room

Pendo: Product Love

Pluralsight: All Hands On Tech

ProfitWell: Recur Now

Red Hat: Command Line Heroes

RingCentral: Connection

Salesforce: Marketing CloudCast

SAP: Tech Unknown

Segment: Fixed That For You

ServiceRocket: Helping Sells Radio

Shopify: Vanguard

Sophos: Naked Security

Splunk: Hidden In Plain Sight

TechStars: Give First

iOffice: Workplace Innovator Podcast

Toast: The Garnish Build Your SaaS

Twillio: Twillio Radio 

Twitter Business: Character Count

Venrock: Running Through Walls

Village Global: Venture Stories

Wix: Wix Engineering Podcast

Workday: Workday Podcast

Woven: Scaling Software Teams

Y Combinator: Startup School

Zaius: The Empowered Marketer

Zendesk: Repeat Customer

ZipRecruiter: Rise and Grind

Roger Nairn is the Co-Founder and CEO of JAR Audio.