What Happens at a JAR Audio Strategy Workshop?

Full details on our kickoff process for successful partnerships

Creating and marketing a successful, engaging, and value-packed podcast is a project with a lot of moving parts.

While we take pride in our ability to handle most of it for you, we want to be crystal clear on who your brand is, where you are in your process, and what you hope to achieve before we get started.

This way, everyone involved is on the same page when it comes to what we’re going to do, and how and when we’re going to do it. We want to ensure you’re never confused or in the dark during our partnership.

So, for every client that works with us on a podcast, we host a four-session, entirely remote Strategy Workshop conducted over Zoom to kick things off.

If you work with us exclusively on marketing, however, your remote workshop only requires two sessions of prep which we break down later in this post.

All of our workshop sessions happen over Zoom.

All of our workshop sessions happen over Zoom.

Session-by-session breakdown

Each session of the Strategy Workshop serves a different purpose. They take roughly two hours to complete, and we usually schedule them two or three days apart. This allows us to stay organized, keep things moving, and have time to process and prepare along the way.

We’ve broken down what you can expect from each session below.

Session 1: Discovery 

During the Discovery Session, we learn about your company, your brand, and your audience. Together, we’ll discuss podcast cadence, listeners, host, and structure, laying a foundation for the series we’ll create.

This is high-level — yet incredibly important — stuff, and it gives us lots to think about before we take our next step together.

Session 2: Concept Ideation

Our team comes to the Concept Ideation Session with some early ideas prepared that we can discuss. These include potential topics, as well as the guests that would pair with each one.

Our goal is to land together on one concept direction that JAR can take away for further refinement.

Session 3: Host & Guest

We start the Host & Guest session with a concrete final concept based off of our discoveries from sessions 1 and 2. From there, we’re able to ideate further around appropriate guests, and who might make the perfect host.

We also discuss the production process and how our teams are going to work together moving forward.

Session 4: Marketing

During the Marketing session, we will share our model for successful podcast marketing campaigns, and be sure we’re well acquainted with your marketing ecosystem.

This is our opportunity to ensure we have a rock-solid plan everyone’s on board with, and that we’ll land your content in the ears of the right audience.

Coming out of these sessions JAR writes a final podcast treatment document, which includes a timeline.

What if we want to do our own podcast marketing?

No problem! For brands that want to handle their own marketing, the strategy workshop will be three sessions long.

That said, we do recommend that your marketing team consults with the team at JAR Audio regarding best practices for podcast promotion.

What if we only work with JAR on marketing?

If you are already happy with your content, and just want to hire JAR for marketing and strategy, we offer a two-session workshop to kick off this kind of partnership. Session details are below.

Session 1: Marketing Vision

During the Marketing Vision session, we’ll have the opportunity to get to know your brand better. We will spend time discussing your company, and your podcast.

From there, JAR will share best practices for a successful podcast marketing campaign and we will work to uncover the best route to meeting your objectives together.

You can expect this to take about two hours.

Session 2: Marketing Strategy Review

During the Marketing Strategy Review session, we’ll present a creative brief and early thinking on a marketing plan and execution ideas.

At this time, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

This session also takes around two hours.

Some of our clients prefer to just engage our marketing skills.

Some of our clients prefer to just engage our marketing skills.

How will this fit with our busy schedules?

While our strategy workshops are crucial to the success of our partnership, we know they might seem a bit overwhelming to coordinate.

Fortunately, we have lots of flexibility and can make these happen at a time that works for you.

Our team is generally available to book sessions on the following days:

  • Mondays: mornings and afternoons

  • Tuesdays: mornings

  • Wednesdays: mornings and afternoons

  • Fridays: mornings

That said, if for any reason these windows don’t work for you, we may be able to accommodate special requests.

How can I book a Strategy Workshop with JAR Audio?

If you’re interested in working with us, but haven’t touched base yet, you can request a consult.

Once you’re connected with our team, we’ll discuss your needs, provide a quote and — if you choose to work with us — get the ball rolling on your Strategy or Marketing Workshop.