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Why Your Brand Should Invest in a Podcast


Exploring the Strategic Benefits of Investing in a Podcast for B2B and B2C Companies

If we had it our way, every business would be benefiting from the boost that comes when you invest in a branded podcast. However, we understand if you’re still undecided about whether investing in a podcast is the right strategy for your marketing goals and budget.

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You have brand awareness challenges

For your brand to convert anything people need to be aware the brand exists in the first place. With a growing audience base of eager listeners, a branded podcast is a great way to boost that awareness and, with a bit of strategy and planning, get inside the minds of your target audience. Podcasts have been shown to boost awareness by 89% in listeners! Audio formats of advertising also offer greater recall and can capitalize on the crazy brain humans have for audio. If you’ve been struggling with brand awareness by using traditional advertising methods, it’s a sign you’re ready to invest in a branded podcast. 

For one of our clients, boring marketing meant no one really knew what they were up to! Enter, Nice Genes! — a now award-winning show with excellent listenership: Case Study 

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You want to be seen as a thought leader

These days, folks don’t want to buy from just any brand. They want to buy from a brand that is somebody in the industry with great values and excellent leadership. We’re dealing with savvy consumers who are passionate about where their products come from. You need brand lift. If your brand is struggling to be considered a thought leader in the industry, a branded podcast can be just the fix. By interviewing experts, offering value to your listeners’ lives, and having insightful conversations about the topics that matter most to you and your audience, people begin to see your brand as the industry powerhouse and expert it is. 

While everyone takes Amazon seriously, they really wanted to reach a specific audience and show they’re a thought leader in the small business space. They turned to branded podcasts to do exactly that, with their award-winning show, This Is Small Business: Case Study

You haven’t reached your audience yet

In 2022, the number of podcast listeners out there reached over 420 million. Chances are, your target audience is out there listening somewhere, you’re just not connecting with them how you want to! When you strategically plan a branded podcast with a target audience in mind, you might finally break through the noise of other companies and reach them. If you haven’t been able to reach that ideal audience for your brand with traditional methods, the capabilities of a branded podcast might do the trick. 

Staffbase really wanted to reach their own staff and other communicators around the globe, but couldn’t figure out how to bring it all together. With Infernal Communication, a branded podcast, they hit all their audience KPIs: Case Study

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You’re ready to unlock new marketing strategies

Times are constantly changing and we believe in the power of branded podcasts to be the next big thing in content marketing. If you’re a brand that likes to stay on top of new trends and strategies for reaching an audience, then it’s time to invest in a branded podcast. Not only that, but there’s evidence that video is taking off, too, which is why at JAR Audio, we’ve also stepped into that world. If you’re a brand that wants to unlock new marketing strategies and stay on top of the way the world is heading, then it’s time to invest in a branded podcast

The great thing about branded podcasts is that it doesn’t have to be a huge investment. However, like many things in life, you get what you give. If you haven’t put in the work, research, time, and investment to create a great sounded, relevant, targeted branded podcast, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to achieve the greatness that could be available to you. If your brand has the time to invest, the budget to bring in the right team, and is struggling with items like brand awareness, thought leadership, and reaching the right audience, it’s time to invest in the powers of a branded podcast. 

By Laurissa Cebryk

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