Why Podcasting is the Next Big Thing in Content Marketing


How the right podcast has an exceptional influence on its listeners.

By: Taylor Zabloski 

You’ve heard about them. You’ve probably listened to them. After all, they’ve gone from zero listens (in 2004) to 383 million listeners worldwide. In the age of unlimited technological ways to get your voice out to the world (looking at you, Twitter and Facebook!), podcasts still keep us human. That’s why they are exceptional for marketing: They tap into two core facets of being a person. Podcasting is supremely equipped to influence both our heads and our hearts. Here’s how podcasts tantalize our brains and touch our hearts at the same time in several remarkable ways.

Big brain

Content Marketing with Podcasts — The Head

Personalization and Niches

People come to podcasts to learn and they’re a great place to do exactly that. There are so many podcast genres and topics available! From adults re-reading the entirety of Harry Potter to a teenager interviewing entomologists about bugs, anything you want to learn can be heard. The variety also means that listeners can find hosts, shows, and topics that resonate with them and make them feel seen, like how women are seeking more female-hosted and produced shows — especially women of colour. 

The best way to approach content creation with podcasts is by catering to highly specific interests and passions. This is a win-win, as you’ll be able to: 

  • Find your ideal audience
  • Connect with industry experts 
  • Make introductions that inspire insightful conversations 

The topics and content you create can offer overwhelming value and insight to the people you seek to help, which is why your audience will grow to trust your brand and view you as an industry thought leader. You want to create that emotional connection.


Active Listening

We’ve all been guilty of putting on a show while also scrolling social media endlessly hoping to unwind. What we really crave, however, is engagement. Listening to podcasts requires active participation, unlike the passive consumption of visual media. It stimulates our brains by sharpening our focus and concentration skills. Processing spoken words requires us to visualize concepts and connect the dots between ideas and conversational threads. This mental processing not only enhances listening skills but also improves our ability to retain information. We may not realize it, but podcasts are teaching us how to be more engaged. This is also great for your brand, as a dedicated audience will have better brand recognition and awareness. 

Hot Tip: Making podcasts also makes YOU a better listener, as active listening is crucial to crafting excellent episodes.


Mobile and Multitasking Audience

Who’s ever said, “You know what? I could use more screen time today!” 

Many of us want to spend less time on screens and more time in our actual lives. Podcasting can help with that. It’s a seamless way to stimulate the brain while commuting, exercising, or doing chores. Almost 60% of those who listen to podcasts do so while they’re crushing housework or other tasks. Podcasts can optimize our daily routines while still helping to escape the monotonous hustle of daily life. Brain: engaged.

Heart on a string

Content Marketing with Podcasts — The Heart

The Power of the Human Voice

More than any other medium, podcasting delivers intimate storytelling at maximum impact. Many who come to podcasting crave the closeness of personal anecdotes and want the experience of being in someone else’s headspace. It’s also an activity done mostly alone, yet simulates being part of a meaningful conversation. According to scientific studies, listening with headphones increases the perception of intimacy. Having that human connection in your ears while going about your life can also make us feel like we’re not alone. It can be comforting — just like having the radio on in the background while you go about your day.


Building Authentic Connections

Scripted and edited content is everywhere, streaming right to your device at any moment. Even the so-called reality shows are not real

Podcasts still require editing and crafting (that’s part of what we do), but the raw and unfiltered feel is what keeps people coming back. There’s a genuine approach to well-made podcasts that fosters a sense of trust. You’ve got to say what you mean, and the audience picks up on it. This makes podcasts a powerful tool for customer relationships and connections. These days, content marketing is all about value-add material and a podcast can be chock full of it!


Long-Form Content and Deep Dives

Social media has its endless scrolls and TikTok reels — and they serve their purpose. We get a quick-hit dopamine surge followed by a dip that makes us crave more. Podcasts are a wholly unique breed of content that allows for in-depth discussions of complex topics. Instead of a rollercoaster of dopamine, podcasts scratch that craving for connection to others. The bulk of podcast fans listen to over 7 hours per week. Podcasts are here for the long haul and will continue to tug on our hearts. 

Podcasting has become the next big thing in content marketing, revolutionizing the way we consume information and connect with brands. It hits the core of being human: the head and the heart. With their ability to deliver intimate storytelling, provide convenience, engage niche audiences, and build trust through authenticity, podcasts have become an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to make a lasting impact. 

The opportunities for brands to leverage this medium have continued to grow. So, if you haven’t already embraced podcasting as part of your content marketing strategy, now is the time to dive in and harness the incredible power of this next big medium.

And if you’re looking for more info on how to shape the format of a show, check out this post. 

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