Getting Podcast Listeners to The Movies with Cineplex

100% Increase in Downloads

“This was an exciting way to dive behind the scenes of upcoming films and learn about them from the people involved in making them. We also got to explore some of the themes that the movies were about — bringing in experts from different walks of life. We talked to film buffs, directors, actors, fans… it was basically a movie love-in.”

Jenn Moss — Chief Creative Officer, JAR Audio

The Challenge

JAR Audio took over the production of Hello Movies facing a hefty challenge — to reach the masses with a quality podcast that, even in the age of at-home streaming, would remind us of the magic of the big screen.

We set out to up production value and onboard a new, remote host with the ultimate goal of boosting reach, improving engagement, and skyrocketing those downloads.

The Approach

After taking a deep dive into Hello Movies, we planned a number of structural revisions that would take this series to the next level.

We identified the need for stronger thematic throughlines and tightened up the format to deliver targeted, organized episodes with the kind of rock-solid storytelling that keeps listeners coming back for more.

We maximized client resources by tapping into the brilliant staff of writers employed by Cineplex’s in-house magazine, as well as their massive network of actors, directors, and other industry pros.

During this process, we made adjustments to two pieces of content included in each episode — a quiz, and a “moment of truth” designed to drive home the value of the big screen. By tweaking the approach to these elements, we were able to make them more relatable, engaging, and enjoyable for listeners.

Also assigned to collaborate with Cineplex on the marketing of Hello Movies, we worked closely with pro-host Natasha Gargiulo and Cineplex to plan more frequent social media tie-ins with episode releases.

The product of all of these efforts was a stronger podcast, improved LTR, and a massive increase in downloads for this big-screen giant

The Results

We’re happy to report that, after working with JAR Audio, the downloads of Hello Movies doubled. The series also showed a big improvement in content and audio quality.

Bragging Rights

  • Increased listen-through rate from 80% to 95%
  • Said goodbye to tinny audio
  • Improved structure and theme
  • Stepped up social marketing

Earned Mentions

Featured among Apple’s Best Pre-Oscars Podcasts

More About

Hello Movies is a podcast by movie lovers, for movie lovers. It gets you closer to the new and exciting films coming out on the big screen. Every two weeks, host Natasha Gargiulo and guests offer up ideas and insights about the two top movies playing in theaters. Sneak peeks, insider info, and cinema trivia. All the stars, all the stories — all brought to you by Cineplex Entertainment.