As corporate podcast producers, we have countless conversations around audio quality — and that doesn’t surprise us one bit.
Experienced audio storytellers know that a great story can certainly be told without the help of an all-knowing host or narrator constantly jumping in to “explain” bits of the story.

When it comes to a branded podcast, topic choice matters. In this 4-minute read, we explore how a thoughtfully curated series can shape your brand, move your listeners, and make real change around the world.

Join the T-Mobile Stories team, Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist Shawna Ryan and veteran editor and writer Jason Adams, for Mobile Diaries, a brand new podcast about modern digital life, and the mobile technology that makes it possible.

We’re lucky to live in a time of increased knowledge, dialogue, and access to information — especially around disabilities that are generally invisible — and the onus is on content creators to expand their circle of consideration beyond able-bodied folks.

In the Ultimate Guide to Podcast ROI you will learn:

1. Why not all ROI is created equal

2. How to measure Financial ROI

3. How to measure Brand Performance from your podcast

4. How a podcast can drive Online Performance

5: How to measure the Performance of your podcast

JAR Audio believes that access to the internet is a right. But, sadly, there are too many Canadians who lack access.

So, written by JAR Audio’s Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer (Aaron Johnson) we have sent the following letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Good For All is a new podcast about disability, community, and inclusion. Really, it’s conversations about community living as we work toward our vision of “good and full lives for all.”

Your organization likely spends a lot of its time honing your blog, influencer, video, or social media strategies. But you likely haven’t thought of what your audio strategy should be.

More and more organizations are considering their audio strategy because of the rise of podcasts.

Podcasts serve needed human states. And podcast listening is literally a different, more concentrated state of mind. Podcasting uniquely serves humans looking to be entertained and to learn something new. Podcasting provides an attentive lean-in audience to brands. Other media is there to inform, to help us unwind, or to connect with other humans.

JAR Audio is incredibly excited to introduce DISRUPTORS, an RBC podcast, which provides listeners with insights for navigating a rapidly changing world.

In the Ultimate Guide to Internal Podcasts you will learn:

1. What an internal podcast is

2. How you can use an internal podcast

3. What sort of teams benefit an internal podcast

4. Whether your team will engage with the content

5. Where you should host your podcast

6. Who provides internal podcast hosting and services

7. What is an internal podcast

8. How to create an internal podcast

9. How to get started with an internal podcast

In this article JAR Audio breaks down the case for an internal podcast:

  • Internal podcasts are a uniquely efficient and impactful means of communication

  • Effective internal communication is essential to thriving teams

  • Thriving teams do great work

  • Great work is essential to the success of your business

Podcasts and Live Audio Rooms are rolling out in the US and are just the beginning of Facebook’s new audio journey. Here’s what you need to know.

Launching a branded podcast is no small investment. That said, if it’s done correctly, it can pack a mean return. For businesses looking to create their own series, an A+ production company is an absolute must.

Already an effective marketing medium, brands who have embraced their own podcast are seeing a high ROI compared to other forms of content marketing mediums.

In this post, we’ll explore why you should start audio blogging, advantages of adding a voice to written content and audio blogging in action. We’ll also look at why a strategy is integral before creating content, and why you should work with a podcast production company to produce audio blogs.

When JAR Audio took over the project the quality of the Hello Movies podcast went from ‘tinny’ and frenetic to crisp and measured. As a result, the average listen-length increased to 98% and the downloads doubled.

The lululemon Leadership Series has seen incredible engagement rates among staff. On average, listeners consumed 95% of the episode, and each is 20-30 minutes in length. And the feedback from staff has been very positive. Staff feel like they are more connected to the head office in Vancouver.

Launched during a pandemic, Good Money by Vancity is a podcast produced by JAR Audio where the average listen-length is 95%. Listener feedback shows that they appreciate the content and are seeing a lot of value in the tips and advice our hosts are giving.

Launching at the top of Apple’s Health charts, Well Now by Saje Natural Wellness has seen incredibly high engagement rates among listeners, with most listening to 98% of the episode. Well Now is in its 3rd season and continues to see thousands of downloads per episode.

Where You Are has become a valuable engagement tool for the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre. On average, listeners consume 95% of the episode, and each is 20-30 minutes in length, containing in-depth conversations. And the feedback from families across the province has been very positive with listeners telling us that these tools have been helpful to their education and, ultimately, their child’s wellness.