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The Business Problem

RBC Disruptors had great guests and a talented host, but was seeing very little audience and the audio quality wasn’t up to the level that the brand deserved.


“We had a “cheap and cheerful” podcast, but no concerted strategy, no paid marketing and production values were fairly basic.”
– Jennifer Marron — Producer, Disruptors, RBC Thought Leadership

Our Shared Solution

After taking a deep-dive into the original Disruptors podcast, we identified sound quality, story development, and marketing as main points of focus for improving their podcast.

To improve the audio, we conducted a complete overhaul of the podcast’s production process and setup, and provided extra training for its very capable host.

To reach a broader audience, we helped Disrupters ditch the single-interview format in favor of more effective options including panel discussions, sequential storytelling, and remote cut-ins that livened their content up and increased listen rates.

After refining RBC’s already high-value content, we introduced a 6-part marketing plan that included a blend of publicity, paid media, and the thoughtful employment of the brand’s existing channels, all leveraged to foster their ongoing growth.

Thanks to the hard work of everyone involved, we were able to deliver extraordinary results, and land this content in the ears of the Canadians who value it most.

Key Results


  • Surpassed 1.5 million downloads!
  • 95% listen-through rate per episode to date
  • 500% increase in listenership


  • Charted on Apple Podcasts Canada: Entrepreneurship #1, Business: #2
  • New & Noteworthy by Apple Podcasts


  • Nominated for Canadian Podcast Award for Best Business podcast

“We 10x’ed our downloads in the early days of working with JAR. Elevating the show’s storytelling, improving the audio quality and executing a marketing strategy led us to see these results immediately. Since then we have achieved great success with steady audience growth, and are now considered a household name in terms of top Canadian business podcasts. I don’t believe this would have happened without JAR.”

– Jennifer Marron — Producer, Disruptors, RBC Thought Leadership

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