Providing Support During The Pandemic with Vancity

The Challenge

With Good Money, we were faced with the challenge of launching a podcast mid-pandemic that delivered must-have knowledge to listeners and exceptional quality despite being made in a time where we were 100% remote.

The Approach

When Vancity approached us, we knew we were entering a congested category during unprecedented times.

In order to succeed, we’d have to create something meaningful and technically exceptional for their brand.

Our process was entirely virtual, from brainstorming to host sourcing and onboarding, and required unprecedented ingenuity from our team.

Thanks to the hard work of all involved, the result was a podcast packed with “financial news you can use” that positioned Vancity as a source of education and inspiration for listeners everywhere.

The Results

We are happy to report that Good Money is sitting at an exceptional 95% listen-through rate.

Bragging Rights

  • Excellent listener feedback
  • Well understood value

Client and JAR

JAR Audio has taken the wheel in producing this listener-focused series, and has advised Vancity of best marketing practices in the wake of the series launch.

Knowing we needed a team that could rise to the material, we sourced and trained journalist Anicka Quin as the podcast’s host. Vancity’s VP of Impact Investment, Joe Reid, was also given training for his role as a regular contributor.

We keep each episode purposeful and relevant with weekly content meetings facilitated by our team, and a format that offers more than just the basics.

We’ve also included commentary from local businesses, individuals, and organizations dealing with the pandemic for that extra human touch. This has helped us deliver a podcast that’s down to earth and relatable despite landing in a category that can sometimes feel stuffy, intimidating, or elite.

More About

COVID-19 has sent shockwaves around the world, hitting every corner of society — and our pocketbooks. So how do we get through this? And how do we limit the hit to our finances? That’s what Good Money is for.

In this series, we explore practical answers to your questions and make the world of finance understandable and relevant. We demystify markets, investments, and retirement planning. We delve into housing and the growing challenge of debt. We explore locally-owned business and “the real economy.” We examine the global forces affecting our lives and let you know what to expect in the weeks and months ahead.

And, perhaps most importantly, we talk not only about how to rebuild the economy, but how to make it better for the planet and everyone we love. That’s Good Money.