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Can Your Team Find Success With a Branded Tech Podcast?

Exploring the Potential of Tech Company Podcasts

Technology is vast and always changing. There are many ways to stay updated. But, tech podcasts offer a unique and engaging option. Tech content is everywhere on various platforms. But, tech podcasts are an underused channel. Branded tech podcasts are especially useful. They offer a big chance for tech companies to engage their audience.

This guide will cover many good tech podcasts. They entertain and inform. They dive deep into tech.

But they also show there are LOTS of opportunities still up for grab.

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Tech’s Most Popular Branded Podcasts

Malicious Life by Cybereason Discover the intriguing world of cyber security with Ran Levi, as he unravels pivotal historical tech events that have shaped the current landscape. Malicious Life, brought to you by the tech company podcast Cybereason, enjoys a stellar reputation with a 5-star rating on Apple Podcasts.

Command Line Heroes by Red Hat Red Hat’s Command Line Heroes tells the compelling stories of developers, programmers, and revolutionaries transforming the tech scene. This podcast showcases the power of community and open-source innovation, making it a perfect example of a tech company podcast that educates and inspires.

The AI Podcast by NVIDIA Join NVIDIA’s journey into artificial intelligence with The AI Podcast, where each episode explores the myriad ways AI impacts our lives and work. This series is a quintessential tech company podcast that combines deep dives into technical topics with accessible storytelling.

NN/g UX Podcast by Nielsen Norman Group The NN/g UX Podcast is an exemplary tech podcast name that discusses all things UX. It provides insights into user experience research, design, and strategy, helping listeners stay ahead in the field of UX design.

The Real Python Podcast For those interested in coding and programming, The Real Python Podcast offers weekly insights and discussions, making it a cornerstone tech company podcast for aspiring and seasoned developers alike.

DataFramed by DataCamp DataCamp’s DataFramed empowers its listeners by addressing the critical aspects of data science and creating a data-driven culture. This tech company podcast is ideal for leaders looking to leverage data effectively.

Me, Myself, and AI by MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG Explore the intricacies of AI and its corporate applications with Me, Myself, and AI, a collaboration between MIT Sloan and BCG. This series stands out as a tech podcast name idea that captures the essence of its content.

Reversing Climate Change by Nori Nori’s Reversing Climate Change addresses the urgent need for environmental action through tech innovations. This tech company podcast combines technology with sustainability, offering insights into reducing emissions and reversing climate impacts.

Thoughtworks Technology Podcast Gain frontline insights into all things tech with the Thoughtworks Technology Podcast. This show exemplifies a tech company podcast that provides in-depth discussions led by senior technologists.

Search Off the Record by Google Get a behind-the-scenes look at Google Search with this informative series. As a famous tech podcast, it gives listeners unique access to the thoughts and processes of those shaping Google’s search technologies.

5 Takeaways:

  1. Branded tech podcasts are a unique way for companies to engage with their audience through deep, informative content.
  2. These podcasts cover a range of topics, from AI and cybersecurity to UX design and climate change, showing the diversity available in tech podcasts.
  3. Tech podcasts like Command Line Heroes and The AI Podcast highlight how companies are using podcasts to discuss broader technological changes and innovations.
  4. Lesser-known tech podcasts such as Into the Metaverse and Reversing Climate Change demonstrate the potential for niche topics within the tech podcast space.
  5. Overall, tech podcasts represent a valuable, yet underexploited, medium for tech companies to enhance their brand storytelling and audience engagement.

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