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Why Metrics for Customer Engagement are Essential in Your Internal Podcast Strategy

Unite your team, increase efficiency, and communicate like a pro by following the metrics for customer engagement.

It helps to think of your staff as customers and care about the metrics for customer engagement with an internal podcast.

The internal podcast continues to grow in popularity, and has even been adapted by industry-leading brands like Lululemon and American Airlines.

While there are certainly countless reasons for this — including the steady growth of podcasting as a whole — we’d like to focus on one in particular…

An internal-facing podcast is an exceptional way to disseminate vital info, no matter how big your team has grown.

Below, we share why we believe this, and why a branded podcast might be the perfect fit for your busy team of professionals.

Cover complex topics The internal podcast is an ideal medium for brands looking to share concepts, data, and other essential info that is particularly broad or complex.

Both the conversational nature and audio format create space for material that would be completely inundating in the context of an email, or even a Zoom call.

And, at the risk of sounding blunt, expecting a team member to read an email longer than 500 words these days seems a bit unrealistic — if not totally unreasonable.

Fortunately, the data shows us that when an internal podcast is value packed and professionally produced, listeners are happy to tune in for 30 minutes, an hour, or more.

Don’t believe us? Let’s look at Lululemon’s internal production as an example.

This brand’s podcast (which happens to be produced by the team at JAR Audio) earned a 95% listen-through rate, and definitely held the attention of its team members.

By creating quality audio content, the team at Lululemon was able to dive deep into topics that mattered to their brand and engage their people across several countries.

Don’t go overlooked Okay, so we’ve already covered how difficult it is to engage your team with lengthy emails, but we haven’t considered whether internal emails get read at all.

If we’re all totally honest, we’ve probably let a piece of internal correspondence sink to the bottom of our to-do list on more than one occasion.

Of course, this isn’t where you want your most important messaging to land — especially when you consider the risk that it will be forgotten all together.

We’re busy these days, and especially in the era of overloaded inboxes and constant digital comms, we really have to be creative to ensure we are heard.

A biweekly, monthly, or semi-annual podcast can serve as a nice change of pace, and invite your team to engage with vital material that might otherwise go overlooked.

Cut back on screen time Speaking of change of pace, using an internal podcast for vital messaging can help your team cut back on something we all have too much of these days — screen time.

If you’re a people-forward brand, you probably know that many of your team members would rather do just about anything than read another lengthy email or attend yet another Zoom call.

When you empower your people to step away from their desks and their devices, you offer them the space they need to tune into your content in a new environment, and with minds that are relaxed and refreshed.

Foster positive culture As we’ve mentioned before, culture can make or break the success of your company, and you should keep this in mind when it comes to comms, education, and training.

Asking your team to pore over mundane internal content everyday — whether that’s through emails, instructional videos, or hand guides — isn’t much of a morale lifter.

You are asking folks to give you their attention, engage with their workplace, and dive deep into your niche, why not reward them by making this process fun and engaging?

An internal podcast is a big project, no doubt, but it tells your people that their experience matters, and that you want them to enjoy being part of your team.

These are the kinds of efforts that foster happy, fulfilled, engaged workers — and that promote prosperity and sustainable growth.

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