JAR Audio Joins The Get Canada Connected Coalition

JAR Audio has joined the growing list of civil society groups, businesses, academics and experts to join the Get Canada Connected Coalition.

Millions of people across the country lack reliable high-speed Internet access – especially in rural, remote, Indigenous, and low income communities. Joined by the United Nations and the Council of Europe, we believe Internet access is a human right.

The Internet has now become one of the principal means by which individuals exercise their right to freedom of expression and information, providing as it does essential tools for participation in activities and discussions concerning political issues and issues of general interest.

But far too many are being left behind.

The Get Canada Connected coalition is made up of organizations, businesses and experts concerned by the depth of Canada’s digital divide who are calling for change today via our coalition declaration:

“Every person in Canada must have affordable high-speed access to the Internet. All levels of government must immediately take steps far above and beyond their current commitments to get everyone online as soon as possible and mend Canada’s digital divide.”

JAR Audio challenges our partners in the podcast and audio industry to join the Get Canada Connected Coalition. Please visit the site today.

Roger Nairn is the Co-Founder and CEO of JAR Audio

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