BC Children’s Hospital

Wellness for Rural Communities with Kelty Mental Health

The Challenge

While the BC medical system is mandated to bring health, wellness, resources and tools to the entire province, delivering on this can be difficult — especially in rural communities.

With Where You Are, we set out to package vital information about mental health and wellness and for those who might otherwise struggle to access it, all with the hope of healing communities along the way.

The Approach

JAR worked with Kelty staff to conceive, name, record, and edit Where You Are.

We also helped develop a season arc and plan a diversified series which would delve into a wide array of important themes.

Given the nature of the content, we chose to prepare hosts from within the organization so they’d have the tools to deliver a podcast that was as polished as it was tactful and appropriate.

The outcome is a product that reflects the culture of Kelty Mental Health, and has helped thousands of folks around rural BC.

The Results

Across two successful seasons, Where You Are has achieved a 95% listen-through rate.

Bragging Rights

  • Positive feedback from families
  • Listeners report a high-value experience and improved daily lives

Client and JAR

We worked closely with Kelty Mental Health on the sensitive, unique and complex challenge of getting this series off the ground.

In order to do this, we faced the difficult task of navigating a bureaucratic hospital environment and a team structure a bit outside of the norm.

We were deliberate in creating a safe space for this production, so we could focus on embracing our wonderful guests and building something that really worked.

This project was profoundly meaningful and close to our hearts — and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

More About

With this people-first podcast, you can move forward in your community’s mental health and wellness journey — from Where You Are to where you want to be.

Through real stories, expertise, and practical tips, this podcast helps families promote their mental health and wellness, navigating important topics and meeting you at a place that feels comfortable for your healing, thriving, and growth.