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To kick off the new year we’re giving you something special.

We know you appreciate a good podcast. And you either have or are looking to create one.

But you also know that a podcast is no small undertaking — and that a great series is both expensive and time consuming to produce.

We hear this all the time…

“What sort of ROI should I expect from a branded podcast?”

We’re not surprised with this question. In a competitive market, every marketing dollar has to work for you.

So, how can you justify the expense of a branded podcast? How can you convince your CEO, CMO, CFO, or client that this kind of project will be worth the investment?

That’s exactly why we wrote the Ultimate Guide to Podcast ROI.

In the guide, you will find…

  • An explanation of the different types of ROI you can expect from your branded podcast

  • And a comprehensive breakdown explaining how you can define and measure each one

We compiled this info so you can…

  • Start the year speaking confidently about what a branded podcast can do for you

  • And get a meaningful read on the success of your show

Happy New Year from JAR Audio