Introducing: The Sound Bath, a podcast by Lush Cosmetics


JAR Audio is excited to announce our newest client, Lush Cosmetics.

Introducing The Sound Bath, a Lush Cosmetics podcast that explores what personal, social, and environmental care and wellbeing really mean in today’s society.

Join host Aja Monet for thought-provoking and intimate discussions with some of her favorite authors, artists, activists and experts. This podcast is designed to be enjoyed in the bath and each episode includes a built-in music meditation. So start the water, lie back and soak in The Sound Bath.

The Sound Bath is hosted by Aja Monet, surrealist blues poet, storyteller, and organizer. In each episode, Aja explores ideas that transform and reveal us.

“Conversations can spark and shift entire movements. They can lead us intentionally into ourselves as we take a step towards one another.” — Aja Monet

“I hope that this podcast can be a prompt to activate your inner life, around you, in your environment, in your community, and in your society day to day.”— Aja Monet

The season kicks off with Naomi Klein

Climate justice activist, professor, and author of The Shock Doctrine and This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein explores ecofeminism, intersectionality, and what we can do to “light ourselves up” in ways that can make a difference to the planet.

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