Is Your Brand Ready for a Podcast?

Is Your Brand Ready for a Podcast?

Podcasts have grown in popularity with now 32% of the American population having listened to a podcast last month. Podcasts are a useful and effective marketing tool for brands, but only if done correctly.

Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before producing a podcast for your brand:

Do we really just want to create an ad? If so, then create an ad. Create a beautiful ad. But don’t make it a podcast. Who wants to listen to a 20-30 minute ad?

Are we sure it isn’t an ad? Some signs that a branded podcast might just be a long ad:

  • It  mentions the brand more than once in an episode

  • It uses a lot of internal jargon/speak

  • It neglects the storytelling and sonic potential of the medium

  • Get the drift?

Do we understand our audience? It’s a fundamental starting point, because having a clear focus on topics that interest targeted listeners (and sticking to it) will build respect for a podcast by offering legitimate value, encourage sharing, and cause an audience to grow.

Do we have something of value to say? An interview that is neither insightful nor authoritative will be a tune-out for most listeners. Engaging topics and original or provocative ideas command attention and provide value. Think of your podcast as a thank you or a gift to listeners (Conversely, if you don’t have a point or there’s nothing to say, it may be better to wait.)

Do we understand what makes a podcast stand out? There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there. Creative ingenuity when it comes to storytelling and higher production values can distinguish you from the pack.

Do we have enough to say? Ideally, you can at least get a season of 6-10 episodes out of the show. Do you have enough runway for a show to sustain listeners’ attention? This can be a good challenge because it forces brands to break out of their “usual” topics and explore other parts of the organization. What is the one thing that your organization can do that nobody else can? Try focusing on that.

Are we prepared to promote it? There’s no point in putting all this work into it, only to have it hidden, floating out there with nothing pointing in its direction. Start with the channels your brand is currently in and share the show to the communities you have already around these channels. Promote the show via social media, news release or other promotional tools as appropriate.

We believe that creating a podcast for your brand is an excellent way to offer value to your existing community and to help attract new audiences.  A podcast is an intimate listening experience that can truly deepen an audience’s relationship with your brand. But it has to be done well. If you are interested in learning more about creating a custom podcast for your brand, reach out to and he’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Ideal Podcast Analytics for Branded Content

Ideal Podcast Analytics for Branded Content