What to Look for in a Podcast Agency

How to pick the right partner for your branded podcast

Launching a branded podcast is no small investment. That said, if it’s done correctly, it can pack a mean return. For businesses looking to create their own series, an A+ production company is an absolute must.

Choosing an agency with the process, commitment, passion, and know-how to get the job done is a no-brainer, granted — but it can be tricky to know exactly what to look for in a perfect match.

Below, you’ll find a list of what a truly qualified agency will be able to provide.


Given the investment of both time and money a branded podcast requires, it’s not something you want to jump into haphazardly. Any qualified agency should offer a comprehensive strategic phase so everyone involved can move forward with confidence.

During this part of the process, you should expect:

  • A thorough assessment of your existing and/or target audience

  • Time allotted for the agency to get to know your brand

  • Evaluation of the best opportunities you can seize with your podcast

To see what this might look like, you can check out the details on JAR Audio’s comprehensive Strategy Workshop.


After a rigorous strategic phase, your agency should get to work developing not one, but a few carefully constructed podcast concepts based on your discoveries.

If you come to the table with an idea in mind, a well-qualified agency should be making suggestions on how you can refine and improve your initial concept. After all, they are the experts. (Right?!)

Whether the ideas are yours or brought in by the agency, your new partners should be able to explain why and how each approach will work for your brand.


If your agency expects you to provide a host for your podcast, consider this a red flag. While someone from your team may occasionally be appropriate to fill this role, it’s more often than not better to hire an expert externally.

Your agency should know exactly how to source, vet, train, contract, and manage the perfect leading voice for your series.


A qualified podcast agency will make the production process seamless and handle minutia for you. They will provide a full-spectrum team that boasts all of the skills required to produce a killer series.

This team should include:

  • A qualified producer and writer

  • A seasoned creative director

  • An experienced engineer and editor

  • A producer appropriate to the subject matter

This skilled group of folks should be able to work together to take you from A to Z, and should bring all the skills needed to produce an exceptional podcast.

A well-structured team from an expert agency will:

  • Lead the creative direction of your podcast

  • Ensure the product reflects your brand’s vision and values

  • Research, schedule, and pre-interview guests appropriate for your podcast

  • Accommodate remote and in-person production

  • Source and schedule external recordists where required



A good podcast agency will not simply turn over a finished product and cross their fingers. They should have extensive marketing know-how specific to the medium and be able to make your podcast a success whether they’re handling marketing in its entirety, or advising your team of best practices.

An agency well versed in podcast marketing should:

  • Be skilled in PR strategy and outreach

  • Know the ins and outs of cross promotion

  • Boast a stellar network of leaders in paid media sales

  • Understand advertising possibilities beyond media buys

  • Have relationships with major directories including Apple, Spotify and Stitcher

  • Boast the design skills needed to brand and market your series effectively

Data analysis

Once your podcast goes live, your agency should be able to make sense of performance data and use it to accelerate growth.

In some cases, data and analytics provide valuable info an effective agency will use to inform creative or directional shifts that will get you closer to your overall goals.

Project Management

A qualified podcast agency will also have exceptional project management skills. They should provide a crystal-clear timeline and comprehensive budget so you know exactly how your partnership will move forward.

Budgets should always be built based on your unique needs and the nature of your brand’s podcast. A series that requires custom music and atmospheric recording, for example, should not cost the same as one that sticks to existing music and one-on-one interviews.

Without a budget built specifically for you, a few risk factors pop up. You might overpay, get held up by multiple change orders, or be met with a nasty surprise when your podcast runs over budget due to weak forecasting.

Be picky

A branded podcast is a big commitment your team should not take lightly. Not only does it require a significant front-end investment, it plays a huge role in shaping the story — or identity — of your brand.

In other words, it’s not a job that should go to just anyone. You wouldn’t put your public image in the hands of the lowest bidder, right? You shouldn’t do this for your business, either.

If a prospective agency expects you to bring a concept, host, and plan to the table, don’t walk — run in the other direction. An exceptional agency should be your guide, partner, and expert consult through every single step of this process, not just a source of recording gear or fancy studios.

Want to take the plunge with a full-spectrum agency? Learn more about JAR’s services or jump right in and request a quote.

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