How to Name Your Podcast

When we name a podcast we consider 2 options.

(We get asked a lot about how to name your podcast).

The first category is ‘creative’ podcast names. For example, Well Now, a title for a podcast about integrative wellness. These creative or more ‘clever’ names will be designed around your brand. They may involve a cheeky pun or hint at a larger meaning, and they can catch on. But they are more oblique, and so may not promote your content as clearly from the get-go. You always have to consider what your target audience is searching for online and if your podcast name is going to show up in those searches. It all comes down to the audience. What is important to them, and what is going to capture their attention?

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The second category is ‘descriptive‘ podcast names. For example, Out Travel the System, the title of a podcast about how to find great travel deals online. This type of name does exactly what it says on the packaging. It might sound like a more boring approach, but in a lot of cases, it’s going to be the better option because listeners are going to know exactly what they are signing up for. Descriptive podcast names can be identified immediately by an audience, and they typically perform better in searches. However, they don’t always line up directly with the brand, unless done properly.

One point of warning is that Apple Podcasts has started to clamp down on ‘keyword stuffing.’ This is when podcasters stuff a whole bunch of keywords into the name of the show in order for it to show up better in search. Apple has started to reject those podcasts.

Finally, you never want to include your brand in the show’s podcast name. This will also be rejected by Apple Podcasts. Luckily, when we upload the show to the online server (Omny Studio) we will be able to fill out an author tag. So, you can still rank for search engines for your own business name by including it there.

Jen Moss is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of JAR Audio

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