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Unlocking the Power of Podcast Search: Find Your Next Great Listen


Master the Art of Podcast Search: Tips and Tricks to Discover Top Shows

Your podcast search process is important. After all, podcasts can transform not just our daily commutes but also our minds and businesses. Running a podcast production agency, we get asked all the time on our best podcast recommendations. And we have them. But a lot of times we are stumbling into the top podcasts through a podcast search. Many shows are available, and finding ones that resonate with your goals can be tough. At JAR Audio, we’re committed to helping listeners find quality podcasts and support for podcasters. And we’ve refined our approach to podcast search. Because of this we find shows that educate, inspire, and entertain all the time.

So here’s how you can find good podcasts to listen to:

  1. Leverage ‘Best of’ Lists via Google: Start simple. Search Google for ‘best [topic] podcasts’ to find curated lists from various sources. This method is simple. It often leads you to find top-tier listening experiences. These podcasts are curated by industry experts.
  2. Subscribe to Top Newsletters: There are great newsletter like Podnews, Sounds Profitable, Earbuds, Find That Pod, and JAR’s Newsletter. These resources are great for finding new and noteworthy podcasts. They tailor to diverse interests, from business to technology.Image of a person using a smartphone to search for podcasts, with search and podcast icons, symbolizing the discovery process.
  3. Harness the Power of X (Twitter): Use Twitter to search for topics followed by the word ‘podcast.’ This often reveals tweets. Individuals share their favorite episodes, giving you real user recommendations.
  4. Use X’s (Twitter’s) Advanced Search: To be more specific, use it to find podcast recommendations from influencers and experts you admire. It’s a direct line to quality content vetted by personalities you trust.
  5. Explore Apple’s App for Influencer Insights: Searching for a notable name in Apple’s app can uncover episodes where they’ve appeared as a guest. This gives insights into their thoughts and recommendations.
  6. App Search: If you’re interested in remote working or personal development, just type your interest into your favourite apps and you’ll find all sorts of interesting shows and many shows for your niche.
  7. Check ‘You Might Also Like’ Recommendations: Like online shopping suggestions, podcast apps like Apple offer them. They are based on your listening habits and can be a goldmine for finding a good listen.
  8. Use Listen Notes: This search engine for podcasts allows you to find shows based on specific people, topics, or even detailed queries across show titles and episode notes.
  9. Ask Your Network: Sometimes, the best recommendations come from casual conversations. Ask friends or colleagues what they’re listening to; personal recommendations often lead to the best finds.
  10. Join Online Communities: Engage with other enthusiasts in communities like the ‘Podcasts We Listen To‘ group on Facebook or the New York Times Podcast Club. These forums are great for discussions and recommendations on the latest and greatest in podcasting.

A good podcast search is like exploring a bookstore with all the time in the world to spare. You’d be surprised what catches your eye and eventually your ear – Roger Nairn, JAR Audio CEO

Are you seeking to boost your knowledge for business innovation? Or are you looking for a new favorite to stir your curiosity? These podcast search strategies will guide you to your next great listen. Remember, the world of pods is vast and varied. There is always something new to learn, explore, and enjoy.

5 Takeaways on How to Find a Top Podcast:

  1. Google is Your Friend: A simple search for the “best [topic] podcasts” is a quick and effective way to discover top-tier entertainment curated by industry experts.
  2. Newsletters Offer Hidden Gems: Subscribing to pod-specific newsletters like Podnews and Sounds Profitable can lead you to new and exciting shows that cater to a wide range of interests.
  3. Social Media as a Resource: Utilizing platforms like Twitter not only for browsing but also using advanced search functions can help you find highly recommended podcasts directly from influencers and experts.
  4. App Algorithms to Your Advantage: Leveraging features like ‘You Might Also Like’ in apps can introduce you to new show based on your current listening habits.
  5. Community Engagement: Joining online communities and forums is an excellent way to engage with fellow pod enthusiasts and get personal recommendations on the latest and most popular shows.

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