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Why Podcast Engagement Should Be Your Podcast’s North Star

Podcast Engagement: Driving Deeper Connection with Your B2B and B2C Audiences

As a marketer, you aren’t just looking for sales conversion in your podcast, you’re looking for podcast engagement. You’re looking to build a lasting relationship with your audience. That’s where the focus on engagement over conversions in your podcast strategy becomes crucial. For example, at JAR we always focus on the listen length of the podcast (or podcast consumption). On a “per episode” basis we always target 80-85% of an episode listened to by an audience member. So when we report on the engagement rate of the podcast we are able to show that each audience member has spent hours (vs. seconds or minutes) with the brand.

Here are five ways branded podcasts build podcast engagement and long-lasting relationships to give your brand a leg up.

Building Trust Through Authentic Storytelling

Podcasts act as a way to tell an intimate story about your brand. As a brand’s breathing, living entity, podcasting content should not be about sales or sponsorships but about genuine conversations and compelling stories that keep your audience hooked to your brand’s universe. Being in such close proximity may develop trust, which is the ideal foundation for long-term interactions. In this environment, your brand transforms from mere vendor to trusted friend and advisor.


The Sound Bath by LUSH Cosmetics holds healing and relaxation stories that tell a strong narrative about LUSH’s dedication to wellness and community. This deep, relationship-building narrative establishes listener’s confidence and loyalty.

Cultivating a Base of Loyal Listeners

Your regular listeners are more than just potential customers; they are prospective brand evangelists. Metrics such as listen time and episode completion help to determine how appealing your podcast is to your customers. This base is more inclined to share podcasts, allowing your brand to establish its influence more widely.

Case Study:

The Daily by The New York Times has earned a frequent listener base due to its ability to integrate seamlessly into the listener’s day-to-day lives. This established loyalty has contributed to the brand’s high visibility as it continues to be suggested.

Gleaning Insights Beyond Mere Clicks

There is a qualitative difference between conversion outcomes and commitment results that is just as relevant for making long-term brand buyer interactions.

Case Scenario:

Using Podcast Analytics for Strategic Insights helps explore listener’s interests and preferences, allowing you to create personalized and efficient marketing strategies.

Building a Community Beyond Just Transactions

Podcasts bring together a community with shared interests and debates that create such a sense of belonging critical for the emotional aspect of selling decisions.


Staffbase’s podcast, Infernal Communication, has successfully turned its listeners into a vibrant, engaged community through the innovative use of a dedicated Slack channel. This platform allows for continuous dialogue and interaction, not just during podcast episodes but around the clock. By facilitating direct conversations and feedback loops within this community, Staffbase has enhanced the podcast’s role as a key touchpoint for engagement. The active participation in this Slack community demonstrates the deep connection between the audience and the hosts, elevating listeners from passive recipients to active brand ambassadors and contributors.

The Long Game: From Engagement to Conversion

Engaged podcasts are a long-term strategy. When both sectors have more extended conversion times, investing in relationships through podcasting will can transform your audience so that they will convert when the moment is appropriate.


Saje’s podcast Well Now brought more listeners to the retail stores and online to purchase products.

5 Key Takeaways: 

  1. Podcast Engagement is Crucial: Focusing on engaging your audience rather than just driving sales through your podcast can foster lasting relationships that benefit your brand in the long run.
  2. Trust through Storytelling: Authentic storytelling in podcasts helps build trust, transforming your brand from a mere vendor to a trusted advisor and friend.
  3. Loyalty from Listeners: Regular listeners can become brand evangelists, not only consuming your content but actively promoting it, thereby extending your brand’s influence.
  4. Community Building: Podcasts create a sense of community among listeners, which is vital for brands looking to make a deeper emotional connection with their audience.
  5. Engagement Leading to Conversion: A well-engaged listener base is more likely to convert into customers when the time is right, underscoring the importance of engagement over mere conversion metrics.

By: Roger Nairn, CEO

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